Connect One introduces WAP-enabled iChip for doctors to monitor patients from PDA

Phoenix 10 July 2002Connect One's iChip Internet Controller is the first Internet peripheral chip to store and serve Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) documents as WML files in an on-chip WAP Web site. Common industrial and household products now can send content to, and be managed by, WAP-enabled phones and PDAs. With WAP-based mobile management, users are no longer restricted to PC-based Web browsers for device management.


WAP is the leading standard for providing information services on wireless handsets and Internet appliances. Until now, WAP users could obtain Internet content and services only from service providers via smart handheld devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, pagers, two-way radios, smart phones, communicators, and terminals. With iChip's WAP server embedded in a host device, users of these mobile devices can view and control the status of any iChip-enabled product from the mobile device's WAP browser. iChip's WAP site is stored in 32KB of on-chip, updateable memory.

"Two industries that can immediately benefit from a WAP-enabled iChip are building automation and telemedicine", stated Alan Singer, Connect One's vice president of sales and marketing. "By using a wireless device to access an iChip-enabled programmable controller, a building manager or homeowner can control his expenses and HVAC, lighting, security, fire or access control system without being tied to his computer. With iChip inside a networked medical device, a doctor can use his cell phone to continuously monitor his patients' condition, no matter where either of them are."

iChip is an updateable Internet peripheral chip which mediates the connection between a host processor and the Internet. It off-loads Internet connectivity tasks from the host processor and connects to the Internet via dial-up modems, wireless phones or modems, or 10/100BaseT Ethernet LANs. Internet protocols and configuration parameters are stored in iChip's on-board flash memory, are independent of the host application, and can be remotely updated over the Internet.

iChip interfaces to a device's host processor via a serial connection and Connect One's high-level AT+i Application Programming Interface, which enables manufacturers with limited Internet programming capability to quickly and easily Internet-enable their devices by writing just a few commands in their application. Suggested pricing for iChip is $20 for over 10.000 units.

Connect One develops and manufactures chips, software, and hardware that enable manufacturers of industrial, commercial, medical and consumer devices to reduce the time, cost and complexity to connect devices to the Internet. Connect One is privately owned, with offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Kfar Saba, Israel.

Leslie Versweyveld

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