A.D.A.M. partners with Greenway Medical's PrimeSuite to feature medical images encounters

Carrollton 15 July 2002A.D.A.M. Inc., a publisher of interactive health content, has signed a content license agreement with Greenway Medical Technologies Inc., a provider of integrated software solutions for physicians' practices, to produce the industry's first image-based electronic medical record (EMR). Under the agreement, A.D.A.M. will license more than 400 images to Greenway's PrimeSuite EMR application, allowing a visual documentation of a clinical encounter as well as a descriptive or traditional documentation. This agreement, marking the first time a medical image is used in an EMR, represents a new trend in the delivery of vital patient information.


According to company officials, PrimeSuite is arguably the medical industry's most complete anatomically image-based EMR solution. PrimeSuite allows for visual documentation of a clinical encounter. Any graphical notation captured as part of the encounter documentation is then saved as part of the patient record, which allows for a more intuitive and detailed review of the patient's chart.

"The availability of a graphic image on a medical record, covering everything inside and outside the human body, not only prevents the clinical encounter from being disrupted by the presence of an EMR, but assists the physician to determine a diagnosis", stated Tee Green, president and COO of Greenway Medical Technologies. "Furthermore, a visual image allows medical information to be transmitted in a way which has previously been unattainable."

Physicians using PrimeSuite can document a patient encounter using a handheld wireless tablet. Using a stylus, a physician clicks a detailed image provided by A.D.A.M. on the specific part to be documented, such as the head, torso, arm, leg, etc., bringing up a cascading list of more detailed medical images available for a more focused documentation process. The physician then clicks on the specific area of that image of the brain, eye, ear or mouth, bringing the detailed image into greater focus. Using this same flowchart methodology, the physician chooses symptoms and diagnoses.

The medical images are an integrated component of the Physical Exam documentation process, whereas similarly intuitive user interfaces are available for documenting the Symptoms, History of Present Illness, Review of Systems, Patient Orders, and Diagnoses/Assessments portions of the patient encounter. The entire clinical encounter is electronically documented. Paper-based documentation or transcription is greatly reduced and potentially eliminated.

For example, a physician may encounter a patient complaining of stomach pain. The physician clicks on the torso area of the anatomical image, then is presented with a list of more focused images available to assist with the encounter documentation process. These medical images assist in the navigation process through the physical exam. They are also integrated into a drawing tool that allows physicians to visually note conditions, such as lesions, rashes, etc. To include non-templated documentation or documentation of items considered rare or unusual, PrimeSuite also includes handwriting recognition software.

PrimeSuite integrates the clinical, financial, and administrative processes within a practice. Information captured in one area is accessible in each of the other functional areas, given proper user rights, thereby facilitating the practice's work flow. The integrated work flow streamlines a practice's operations, improves coding and billing accuracy, and increases overall practice profitability.

"A.D.A.M.'s visual images enhance the ability of clinical notes to explain, document, and enhance the clarity of a patient encounter", stated Kevin Noland, COO of A.D.A.M. Inc. "Our contribution to Greeway's exciting next generation EMR will invariably reduce physicians' time, improve overall clinical efficiency, and help to decrease medical errors", added Mr. Noland.

A.D.A.M. products contain physician-reviewed text, health visuals produced by medically trained illustrators, and multi-media interactivity to create health information solutions that offer a unique "visual learning" experience in both the health care and education markets. A.D.A.M. employs a growing range of media, including Internet, software, CD-ROM, television and print, to deploy its proprietary content assets and products.

Greenway Medical Technologies is a software and service provider of a Web-based ambulatory software suite that includes integrated practice management, electronic medical record (EMR) and managed care functionality. Frustrated by their experience with previous health care information systems providers, a group of more than seventy-five physicians and health care professionals joined forces with a group of technologists to develop a suite of integrated physician-centric software solutions designed to support users within a network of health care providers.

This software and service solution, called PrimeSuite, enables physicians, practice managers and other health care providers to better serve their patients, more efficiently manage their practices and increase practice profitability. Created to meet the health care industry's demand for dependable HIPAA-era management software solutions, PrimeSuite has quickly earned a reputation as a leading solution in the health care industry.

Leslie Versweyveld

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