Vidar film digitisers to be integrated into Brit Systems' Scanning Workbench

Herndon 16 July 2002BRIT Systems has chosen Vidar Systems Corporation's DiagnosticPRO plus and SIERRA plus film digitisers for use in BRIT Systems' Scanning Workbench product. The Scanning Workbench is a DICOM compatible film digitisation station supporting DICOM store, print, modality work list, and can support barcode readers.


The Scanning Workbench can be set up in a high volume configuration where the Quality Control process runs on a separate computer from the digitisation process. It will also support the entry of patient demographics and send to multiple locations simultaneously. BRIT's application works well in both teleradiology applications and in PACS. For teleradiology, the system supports the DICOM compression transfer syntaxes so it can efficiently send over wide area networks to workstations or servers.

BRIT System's vice president, Shelly Fisher, commented: "Our customers have been demanding a more economical film digitiser solution. We turned to Vidar to respond to that demand because Vidar film digitisers not only give our customers an economical solution, but also provides them with a high quality, clinically proven solution, and an alternative to more expensive laser digitisers."

Brian Beardslee, vice president of Vidar's Medical Business, stated: "VIDAR is excited about this new partnership with BRIT Systems. VIDAR works relentlessly to provide the most cost effective but high quality film digitisers on the market. Our products offer superior image quality, reliability, durability, and virtually maintenance-free operation. We are pleased that BRIT Systems turned to Vidar's digitisers as their choice of an alternative to laser."

Vidar's DiagnosticPRO plus and SIERRA plus digitisers feature the latest version of Vidar's proprietary High Definition CCD (HD-CCD) technology and Automatic Digitizer Calibration (ADC) feature, resulting in images which exceed the American College of Radiology practice guidelines for picture archiving and communication systems and remote primary diagnosis.

The vertical footprints of Vidar's digitisers save nearly 50 percent of the space required by tabletop digitisers, and Vidar's SIERRA even offers the flexibility to be wall mounted, if desired. The design of Vidar's digitisers eliminates film jams and saves thousands of dollars each year in scanner calibration costs.

BRIT Systems is a technology company that provides custom, turnkey solutions for PACS and teleradiology. They design modular systems using commercial off-the-shelf hardware and software based on standards such as DICOM-3, X-Windows and Windows, making BRIT solutions flexible, readily upgradeable, scaleable, easy to integrate and reasonably priced.

Vidar Systems Corporation is a manufacturer of x-ray film digitisers and advanced solutions for medical markets. Vidar's family of film digitisers serves the PACS, remote primary diagnosis, teleradiology, telemedicine, mammography, and oncology markets. Vidar has an installed base of over 7000 units, and its digitisers are the choice of more than 100 systems solution providers worldwide.

Leslie Versweyveld

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