Misys Insight clinical decision support tool integrates data from heterogeneous, enterprise-wide health care systems

Tucson 23 July 2002Misys Healthcare Systems has made available Misys Insight, a powerful clinical decision support system (CDSS) for health care enterprises. Misys Insight monitors, integrates, and analyses HL7-compliant data from disparate hospital and clinical information systems and provides clinicians, physicians, and other medical personnel with immediate delivery of critical data to their pager, cell phone, e-mail, or other specified devices. Data are filtered so that only relevant information is sent and received.


"With Misys Insight, we realised greater efficiencies almost immediately, allowing us to reduce costs which paid for the cost of the system", stated Dan Degnan, PharmD, MS of Community Health Network of Indianapolis, Indiana. "Our caregivers no longer have to review reports from multiple computer systems to reach the pharmaceutical, lab or patient information they are looking for. Misys Insight does it for them and notifies them directly and automatically with relevant information within their work flow to help improve patient care and reduce chances for medical errors."

Factors such as fatigue, poor communication, anxiety, stress, fear, hurry and constant interruptions of medical care can lead to medical errors. Medical errors also occur due to system downtime and health care IT systems that fail to adequately support hard working health care professionals. These systems are typically designed to process data but not to deliver timely critical data to address patient safety to health care professionals at the point of care.

"Misys Insight is the health care industry's first and only truly open, vendor neutral CDSS designed to work with a broad spectrum of clinical information systems to reduce medical errors and boost overall operational efficiency", stated Joe Stumpf, Misys Healthcare Systems Vice President, Senior Executive of Strategic Sales. "This helps our clients deliver improved patient safety and patient care at lower cost."

A Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) is an automated system designed to help improve the safety and quality of medical practice. It is designed to help clinicians provide the best possible care for patients by ensuring that they have the right information at the right time in order to make the right decision. A CDSS also plays a role in ensuring that important clinical and operational activities are not inadvertently missed. Finally, it supports rapid notification of medical personnel whenever a potential problem has been detected.

Most CDSS tools available today are proprietary systems, only operating on or with the product line of a single vendor. In addition, these systems require that the same rule sets be applied across an entire department or speciality. Misys Insight is an open CDSS which can integrate and respond to data from heterogeneous systems throughout the health care enterprise. Misys Insight allows each individual caregiver to subscribe to the specific rules they want, when they want to receive the resulting notifications, and how they will receive them.

Misys Insight provides its functionality to several different services and departments throughout a hospital system. Notifications may include:

  • For pharmacists: drug levels, drug interactions, cultures/sensitivities, Adverse Drug Events
  • Physicians-critical lab results, cultures and sensitivities
  • Nurses-critical lab results and drug interactions
  • For dietary/dieticians: patient transfers and lab support
  • Epidemiology/Infection Control including VRE/MRSA results and Reportable Organism Surveillance
  • For housekeeping/Administration Assistants: ADT and patient chart administration
  • Billing: expensive medications and tests
  • Chaplain-drug and alcohol levels
  • Quality Improvement: ADE tracking and reporting, medication use reports, JCAHO indicators
  • Laboratory: reporting positive tuberculosis and resistant Staphylococcus aureus cultures to nursing

Misys Healthcare Systems is a division of Misys plc, an independent applications software product company. The company designs, develops, and supports a comprehensive suite of information products for hospitals, commercial laboratories, physician practices and home care providers that serve the health care IT industry's broadening spectrum of needs. Misys Healthcare Systems' three business units have a well-established customer base with 85.000 physicians, 1200 hospitals, 600 home care providers, and hundreds of laboratories, clinics, managed services organisations and other related organisations using the company's products and services.

Leslie Versweyveld

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