Target's sales force automation suite for the pharmaceutical industry integrated by Ventiv Health

Somerset 25 July 2002Ventiv Health U.S. Sales, a unit of Ventiv Health Inc. has reached agreement with Target Software to implement its sales force automation suite, Target SFA. Target SFA is an all-new sales force automation software suite built specifically for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences industry. Its flagship component is Target Mobile, a full-featured mobile software application for the pharmaceutical sales representative which runs on pocket-sized personal data assistants (PDAs). Target Mobile supports the Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 operating system and PDAs from Compaq/HP (iPAQ), Fujitsu, Toshiba, Casio, and others.


Early in 2003, Ventiv will begin to transition several of its contract sales forces onto the Target SFA platform. By mid 2003, Ventiv plans to have more than 1000 sales representatives on the Target SFA suite. A complete transition of all Ventiv sales forces is anticipated by early 2004.

In addition to Target Mobile, Ventiv will be implementing Target Mobile Pro, mobile software built for Windows-powered laptops and tablet PCs. Ventiv will also be implementing the Target Rep Intranet Site through the company's intranet Web portal. The Target Rep Intranet site serves as a supplement to the mobile devices and facilitates improved sales team communications and field reporting.

Target Mobile, Target Mobile Pro, and the Target Rep Intranet Site will all directly communicate and synchronise with Ventiv's reporting and sample accountability system, CAST, also built in partnership with Target Software. Target SFA devices will communicate with CAST using XML Web Services based on Microsoft's new .NET framework.

"We could not be more excited about our decision to move to Target SFA", stated Terrell Herring, President of Ventiv Health U.S. Sales. "This cutting-edge suite allows us to offer our clients a complete set of cost-effective sales force automation options, tailored to our clients' individual organisational needs, on pocket PDAs, laptops, and via the Web. To put it succinctly, we believe Target SFA is convenient, comprehensive, compatible, cost-effective and compliant."

"Before making our final selection, we evaluated virtually every major pharmaceutical CRM and sales force software offering, and believe Target SFA set the standard, particularly in tandem with our CAST system. We are confident that everyone associated with Ventiv will benefit from our selection of Target SFA including our clients, our sales representatives, our sample accountability department, and our shareholders. We believe that our expanded partnership with Target Software positions us to be a better overall partner to our clients."

"We are delighted with Ventiv's selection of Target SFA", stated Theodore A. Rosenberger, CEO of Target Software. "Two years ago, we identified the need for a new pharmaceutical sales force automation solution that was better suited to real world sales representative work flow. So we quietly started building our mobile solution and focused on convenient pocket-sized devices. What emerged was Target Mobile, an amazing piece of software that we believe will set a new standard for pharma SFA."

"Target SFA technology combined with Microsoft's .NET architecture is an all-out winning strategy. The .NET synchronisation architecture allows us to marry Target SFA components with any commercial or homegrown CRM, ERP and sample accountability system. This will allow any pharmaceutical manufacturer to rapidly deploy a cost-effective, seamless mobile solution without the business disruption that normally accompanies this type of initiative", stated Mr. Rosenberger.

Ventiv Health Inc. is a global provider of comprehensive outsourced marketing and sales solutions for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. The company works in consultative partnership with clients to identify strategic goals and develop customised, integrated solutions to optimise clients' product portfolios.

Target Software Inc. is a software engineering firm focused on creating database, Web and mobile applications for corporate clients. Since its founding in 1991, Target Software has delivered wide range of software applications for pharmaceutical industry customers including Wyeth, Aventis, Bristol Myers Squibb, Ventiv Health, and Pracon & HealthIQ.

Leslie Versweyveld

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