Sybase to launch New Era of Networks HIPAA Repository for efficient claims processing

Dublin 11 July 2002Sybase Inc. has recently made available the New Era of Networks HIPAA Repository. The HIPAA Repository is used by payers, providers, state agencies, and clearinghouses to house data content which is not accommodated by many back-end systems, but must be attached to the remittance advice that payers send back to providers in order for organisations to comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. The HIPAA Repository stores HIPAA transactions such as claims, eligibility and enrollment data.


When an insurance company receives a transaction from a physician's office or hospital, the transaction data populates the repository, and the data needed to process the claim is sent to the back-end business systems. Several of the HIPAA Implementation Guides have specific requirements regarding the matching of data between these paired transactions.

This means that some of the data content found in the claim or request transaction coming from the provider must be mirrored back on the remittance advice or response transaction exactly as it was received. Once the claim is processed, that information is sent back through the repository, matched up with the original data, and sent back out, complying with all HIPAA guidelines.

The foundation of HIPAA Repository is Sybase's Industry Warehouse Studio (IWS) for Healthcare solution. By leveraging Sybase's proven technology, HIPAA Repository allows health care organisations to quickly implement a compliance-enabling solution faster than if they built the solution in-house. The result is increased efficiency for the organisation and its transaction processing capabilities.

Because of HIPAA Repository's open architecture, it connects to all HIPAA technology available from Sybase, including HIPAA Accelerator and EDI Translator, as well as many other HIPAA solutions available in the market today. One of the HIPAA Repository's most unique features is the ability to deploy on any relational database, such as Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise. This is a key differentiator, as many health care organisations want to deploy on the mainframe in conjunction with their existing adjudication system.

The power and versatility of Sybase's IWS infrastructure allows organisations to quickly and easily migrate information to their data warehouses. HIPAA Repository enables forward-thinking companies to not only comply with HIPAA standards, but also to increase the return on investment for HIPAA solutions. As a result, organisations using HIPAA Repository can improve their business processes, which will positively impact the bottom line.

"The combination of its database, HIPAA and EDI expertise makes Sybase uniquely positioned to bring this product to market quickly to meet customer demand", stated Paul Roscoe, director of health care e-Business for Sybase. "The HIPAA Repository brings together all that knowledge into a comprehensive, valuable product offering. Not only does HIPAA Repository assist health care organisations to achieve compliance, it brings them a step closer toward a complete data warehouse and business analytics solution."

The health care solutions offered by Sybase are installed in the top six United States managed-care organisations, and 29 of the 47 Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. The technology made available by Sybase is used by more than 1250 payer and provider organisations worldwide. In addition, Sybase, through New Era of Networks, teams with more than 95 application partners, offering clinical, financial, administrative, and medical management solutions.

Leslie Versweyveld

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