portal seventeenth health site to receive URAC accreditation

Cranbury 18 July 2002URAC, a non-profit health care accrediting body, has awarded Health Web Site Accreditation to HealthAtoZ for its on-line health portal combines the latest health information with condition-specific interactive tools and trackers to help people lead healthier lives.


"URAC holds applicants to high standards, showing who people can trust for their on-line health needs", stated Raj Lakhanpal, MD, FRCS, FACEP, President and CEO of HealthAtoZ. "URAC went over us with a fine-tooth comb, finding that HealthAtoZ provides trustworthy health information and management programmes."

"By achieving URAC accreditation, HealthAtoZ has shown a commitment to clinical accuracy and the privacy of its users", added Garry Carneal, URAC President and CEO. "We are proud to welcome as the 17th site to receive URAC accreditation."

HealthAtoZ, based in New Jersey, provides customised Web-based solutions for hospitals and integrated delivery networks, health plans, pharmacy benefit management companies, employer groups, and e-pharmacy sites. Founded in 1995, HealthAtoZ pioneered Internet personalisation of health care and intuitive, interactive e-health tools.

HealthAtoZ maintains two public sites, one for health care consumers, and one for health care professionals. Both sites are living laboratories for the development of innovative disease management and health promotion programmes.

URAC health Web site standards cover a number of important issues including health content editorial process, disclosure of financial relationships, linking to other Web sites, privacy and security, and mechanisms for consumer complaints. The standards also contain requirements to assure that organisations have adequate internal processes and structure to monitor and maintain Web site quality over time.

The standards were developed through a process that encouraged broad-based input from numerous stakeholder groups including consumers, regulators, health care providers, health care organisations, and insurers. It is the only health Web site accreditation programme in existence, as well as the only programme to hold sites accountable with third-party verification.

The URAC Health Web Site Standards include 53 specific standards and detailed descriptions of what Web sites must do to achieve accreditation. They are available to both Web site owners and the public at the URAC Web site. More URAC news is available in the VMW January 2002 article URAC to accredit first series of thirteen United States e-health Web sites.

Leslie Versweyveld

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