Physician practice selects Dictaphone's GoMD handheld charge capture and dictation with voice recognition

Stratford 13 August 2002Bridgewater Goddard Park Medical Associates (BGPMA) has entered into a joint, multi-year agreement with Dictaphone Corporation and MedAptus Inc. to implement a comprehensive point-of-care documentation solution which combines Dictaphone's GoMD suite of handheld charge capture and dictation applications with its Enterprise Express dictation and EXSpeech speech recognition systems. This solution, which integrates the ease and accuracy of point-of-care charge capture with the labour-savings and efficiency of speech recognition, will be rolled-out to BGPMA's approximately 80 multi-speciality physicians and providers across the group's four outpatient locations south of Boston, Massachusetts.


GoMD powered by MedAptus combines intelligent charge capture and digital dictation software into an application that offers physicians the convenience, mobility, and connectivity of wireless Pocket PC handheld devices. Dictaphone GoMD Charges software contains all available diagnostic and procedural codes including complex coding rules. The GoMD software's coding rules run real time on Compaq iPAQ PDAs, letting clinicians more accurately and confidently code procedures, and avoid or correct coding errors before submission.

Utilising the same patient list and encounter information, the physician also dictates the encounter notes directly into the handheld device. The voice file is then transmitted wirelessly to Dictaphone's best-of-breed EXSpeech voice recognition software, which performs rapid voice-to-text translation. The note is then immediately available in a completed text format for editing, physician signature, and routing.

The implementation will leverage an interface to BGPMA's IDX scheduling and billing system to provide clinicians with up-to-date information regarding their scheduled patient visits, as well as electronic transmission of charges for billing. In addition, the solution will be fully wireless, utilising the latest in 802.11b radio frequency technology.

"The combination of handheld charge capture and dictation, combined with voice recognition, is expected to generate annual savings through increased billings, improved collections, and significant cost savings. We anticipate a demonstrable return on investment in under a year", stated Deborah Wilson, Executive Vice President for Bridgewater Goddard Park Medical Associates. "It will streamline our document management, enhance our ability to manage patient information and facilitate practice compliance as well."

"GoMD will significantly reduce work time and errors associated with handwritten charts and the use of superbills to code patient encounters", stated Don Fallati, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Planning, Dictaphone Corporation. "Dictaphone's partnering with MedAptus to create a fully integrated dictation and charge capture application for the Pocket PC has resulted in a very powerful solution, which we believe will prove to be an enormous operational improvement for health care providers like Bridgewater Goddard Park Medical Associates."

Dictaphone currently deploys dictation, transcription and report management system solutions in some of the world's premier health care organisations. Its solutions automate and integrate critical elements in the creation and management of health information, helping health care organisations improve productivity and the quality of patient care. Dictaphone's flagship Enterprise Express dictation, transcription and report management system is an integral part of the creation and flow of patient information in a substantial number of United States hospitals.

It currently supports several hundred thousand physicians who use Dictaphone systems to generate an estimated one million reports and 100.000 hours of dictation a day. Dictaphone is also actively deploying its EXSpeech and PowerScribe speech recognition solutions, designed to dramatically reduce transcription costs and speed report turnaround. Dictaphone has also introduced the ichart family of Internet subscription-based applications services provider (ASP) solutions which offer dictation, transcription, and speech recognition access, as well as the ability to integrate existing systems with new coding, natural language and data mining technologies, which can significantly reduce the costs of managing patient information.

MedAptus Inc. is a health care information technology company providing point-of-care solutions for physicians. MedAptus is the technology provider for Dictaphone GoMD Charges. MedAptus' flagship application, Charges In Hand, allows physicians to document professional charges at the point-of-care. The use of Charges In Hand increases efficiency, reduces the lag time between professional services and claim submission and improves compliance with billing regulations. Additional clinical solutions are under development to complement charge capture and create a unified mobile offering.

Bridgewater Goddard Park Medical Associates (BGPMA) is one of the largest multi-speciality physician practices on the South Shore. BGPMA is a physician owned, multi-site group practice offering primary, speciality and sub-speciality care to patients of all ages. With over thirty years experience providing community medical care, BGPMA offers a complete array of diagnostic services including radiology and a licensed clinical laboratory. Additional diagnostic services include cardiac testing, cat scans, bone densitometry, and ultrasounds. Hospital care is provided through the network affiliation with Brockton Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital.

Leslie Versweyveld

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