National Alliance for Health Information Technology to establish IT standards for mobile computing

Boston 13 August 2002PatientKeeper Inc., transforming the delivery of health care through mobile technology, has assumed its position as a founding member of the National Alliance for Health Information Technology (NAHIT), a newly formed coalition organised to develop voluntary standards for health information technology (IT), and ultimately to improve patient care and health care delivery. As a founding member of the Alliance, PatientKeeper will leverage its commitment to establishing open IT standards for mobile computing.


"NAHIT's goal to standardise health care IT is in complete alignment with PatientKeeper's strategic vision", offered Richard Hall, PatientKeeper's chief operating officer. "We went to great lengths to ensure that PatientKeeper's Mobilizer platform and clinical application tools were all designed to completely integrate with existing IT systems or applications. We understand the need and the value in true integration and standardisation and plan to support NAHIT's ambitious goal of accomplishing this industry-wide."

"The experience and vision of organisations like PatientKeeper increase the diversity and strength of the National Alliance", stated Neil Jesuele, American Health Association's executive vice president. "To achieve health information standardisation, there must be collaboration. Together we can work to reach agreement through compromise and ultimately adopt IT standards."

The first project on the Alliance's agenda is the application of bar coding in health care. Used with success in areas such as retail and banking, bar-coding stands to improve efficiencies and processes in health care that will impact patient safety as well as work flow.

"PatientKeeper understood the critical need for bar-code functionality in health care and designed the capability to deliver it within the framework of the Mobilizer platform", stated Mr. Hall. "By partnering with Symbol Technologies, we have incorporated bar code technology which can be used for purposes as varied as coding patient wristbands to automatic dispensing and recording prescriptions."

Bar coding is just one of the areas where PatientKeeper will look to support NAHIT in their goal to standardise health care IT and improve care delivery. "NAHIT's goals and achievements will benefit all facets of the health care industry and PatientKeeper plans to be a proactive and engaged Founding Partner", concluded Mr. Hall.

The National Alliance for Health Information Technology is a diverse partnership of health care providers, information technology vendors, and national health and technology associations representing a broad spectrum of leaders with the capacity, resources and commitment to agree upon and create information technology standards in health care.

PatientKeeper Inc. offers an open, mobile platform and handheld applications, which empower health care providers to capitalise on the financial and clinical potential of mobile and wireless technologies. PatientKeeper integrates existing IT systems, applications and mobile devices, and is enhancing the performance of leading hospitals, premier HIS companies, and over 45.000 clinicians nationwide. More news on PatientKeeper is available in the VMW April 2002 article Cerner integrates handheld computing technology with PatientKeeper's Mobilizer Platform.

Leslie Versweyveld

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