Severn Healthcare expands use of Webversa's voice technology software for mobile service reporting

Reston 07 August 2002Severn Healthcare Provider Services (SHPS) Inc., a home health care management service, has expanded its use of Webversa's Mobile Enterprise Platform (MEP) to enable all of its network providers to report service delivery in real time from the field by using a wired or wireless telephone. SHPS provides comprehensive home care management services to area members of health plans throughout the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area. Provider services include home nursing, respiratory therapy, medical equipment, and infusion therapy.


Webversa's MEP enables SHPS providers with the ability to complete service delivery reporting in real time over any telephone, significantly increasing service reporting productivity. SHPS is deploying 10 applications using Webversa technology ranging from wound care and occupational therapy to phototherapy and home infusion.

"The Webversa solution is a key foundation technology for Severn Healthcare", stated Bill Hawk, SHPS President and CEO. "The efficiency of the service verification process has dramatically improved our operational efficiency, saving time and letting nurses concentrate on their patients care. We are actively using Webversa technology today and expect to expand its use into the future. With Webversa's technology, SHPS can dramatically grow its business while keeping operational costs in check."

SHPS callers simply dial into the system from any telephone, navigating and entering information with voice commands, completing the form in real time. The system features identity verification and information transmitted is secure. With the Webversa application, nurses will no longer require a computer and Internet connection to access the Web-based report form, nor will they have to complete any paper forms.

"Webversa's Mobile Enterprise Platform removes boundaries to information, making the best use of everyone's time", stated Tom Lewis, Webversa President and CEO. "Health care is largely a voice oriented industry, thus forms completion via voice, especially for mobile health care professionals, takes productivity to the next level."

"Soon, anything but voice access will seem archaic. We have been working very closely with SHPS over the past six months integrating our technology into their patient care system and we are now seeing the fruits of our combined efforts. We expect that SHPS will continue to expand and evolve Webversa's technology into their core operations well into the future", as Mr. Lewis stated.

Webversa provides Voice-to-Enterprise software that enables real time alerting and interactive access to any enterprise application, database or Web site through any telephone via XML. Real time interaction via voice commands from a standard telephone, with multi-modal support for other standard communication devices, allows any mobile user to gather, process, and take immediate action.

Webversa's award-winning, patent-pending software Mobile Enterprise Platform Version 4.0 is available now. Customers have realised impressive cost reductions and return on investment in as little as one month without costly implementation or changes to content.

Severn Healthcare Provider Services provides comprehensive home health services. SHPS currently manages approximately 650.000 lives through its relationships with area payers. The use of the Internet has improved provider accountability and significantly reduces the costs of co-ordinating and monitoring these services for health plans. Plans typically report savings of over 50 percent.

Leslie Versweyveld

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