HyperORTHO Wear newest feature in Rogan's pre-operative orthopaedic surgery software

Veenendaal 23 July 2002Rogan Medical Systems has successfully launched its HyperORTHO product line in Europe. Since the RSNA 2001 in Chicago, where the product was introduced as a works in progress, almost a dozen systems have been sold and installed. HyperORTHO is a version of HyperVIEW that provides specialised functionality for pre-operative orthopaedic work. Continuously evolving, the software's newest features give surgeons advanced tools for selecting and monitoring implants.


Amongst the buyers are the University Hospital Groningen, Isala Clinics in Zwolle, Bernhoven Hospital, Diakonessen Hospital in Utrecht and the Bronovo Hospital in the Netherlands, and the National Health Service Bromley Trust and Sulzer, an orthopaedic company, in the United Kingdom. More orders are expected throughout Europe in the coming months as a new addition to the software is now available: "HyperORTHO Wear".

Dr. Hanne Muller, co-developer of the HyperORTHO software, commented: "HyperORTHO has now clinically proven itself in various hospitals. HyperORTHO Template has been developed closely in co-operation with Dr. N. Verdonschot from the Orthopaedic research lab of the University Medical Center in Nijmegen, The Netherlands."

"The new module completes the HyperORTHO line when it comes to measuring the wear of implants, giving a more accurate and easy way for the orthopeadic surgeon to determine when an implant needs to be replaced. We have all the major manufacturers of implants in our database and it is quite easy to import new information to our template database if the need is there. HyperORTHO is completely DICOM compliant and can therefore easily be installed in PACS environments that lack a good orthopaedic solution."

HyperORTHO is based on Rogan's HyperVIEW Workstation and consists of 3 different modules:

  • HyperORTHO TEMPLATE, which includes a package of templates to measure which implant is best for a particular patient. Templates are available from various vendors, amongst them Biomet, Smit and Nephew, Depuy, Johnson and Johnson, Stryker, Howmedica, Osteonics, Mathys, Furlong, Sulzer and Link.
  • HyperORTHO Outcome, a data management system with a standardised report based on the international literature of the American Hip and Knee Association.
  • HyperORTHO Wear, a measuring module developed to measure the wear of implants over time.

With HyperORTHO, the user has an easy way of fitting in the most suitable prosthesis directly on the computer screen. Digital prosthesis templates of different sizes are placed over a digital image for quick identification of the appropriate prosthesis to use. To select the nearest size arthroplasty, several sizes of templates representing artificial inserts can be overlaid and placed precisely on the image on the screen.

Rogan Medical Systems has had several inquiries from the USA, and it is expected to get an FDA approval for HyperORTHO in the coming months. Rogan Medical Systems supplies Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and teleradiology solutions which help medical institutions around the world to manage, transport, display and store medical images in an efficient way.

Designed for the challenges of tomorrow's radiologists and health care professionals, Rogan Medical Systems products are "open", easy-to-interface systems. They are based on industry standards, to ensure that they operate in multi-vendor and modality-imaging environments. The standardised storage media are carefully selected to guarantee data accessibility far into the future.

Leslie Versweyveld

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