PracticeOne selects Interliant to host its ASP-based health care management applications

Vienna 26 August 2002PracticeOne has signed an agreement with New York-based Interliant Inc. for Web-based hosting of its customers' mission-critical data. By October 2002, PracticeOne will use Interliant's co-location facilities for the monitoring and management for all of its ASP-based practice management, EMR and process improvement applications.


In today's cost-driven market, medical practices are finding that automating practice management via an ASP-based platform makes sound economic and business sense. Not only does outsourcing allow practices to reduce upfront capital costs and pay predictable low monthly fees, but it also helps physicians avoid IT headaches and concentrate on the practice of medicine.

PracticeOne has designed its ASP service to specifically address concerns regarding security, reliability, and HIPAA compliance. Coupled with Interliant's round the clock support and state-of-the art management facilities, PracticeOne's ASP service assures medical practices that business runs smoothly without any unexpected system failures or security breaches.

"We understand our customers' concerns about data security and reliability. Deciding to outsource practice management shouldn't come with any compromises", stated David Schulman, PracticeOne vice president. "That is why we chose a world-class leader in data hosting and security management."

"We are looking forward to working with PracticeOne. They have introduced a winning combination of software and solutions that provides medical practices, big or small, the ability to manage their business in a more efficient and cost-effective manner", stated Dave Link, Interliant's senior vice president of national sales. "Now, by selecting PracticeOne, physicians can focus on their core business and rely on our INIT Hosting services to manage and safeguard the administrative side of the equation."

PracticeOne delivers health care management applications in three main areas:

  • Practice management, including patient scheduling, claims processing and accounts receivable;
  • Clinical support, including electronic medical records, referral management and lab results reporting; and
  • Process improvement, including work flow automation, automated voice attendant systems, prescription management and voice-to-text transcription technology for physicians.

Offering the ultimate in implementation flexibility, PracticeOne allows customers to run applications on either an ASP or traditional client/server-based platform. And for those who are unsure, PracticeOne customers can migrate from a client/server system to an ASP model or convert from ASP to a client/server system without sacrificing their original technology investment. Additionally, PracticeOne can deliver a blended model that is customised for a medical practice.

Using MyPracticeOne, the ASP delivery method, practices access an entire suite of software applications through a secure, private network, or through a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) over the Internet. The MyPracticeOne service delivery technology simplifies multi-office physician practice systems via centralised hosting and as a result, practices can count on predictable monthly costs, reliable data backup, and effortless upgrades and expansion.

Interliant Inc. is a provider of managed infrastructure solutions, encompassing messaging, security and hosting plus an integrated set of professional services products that differentiate and add customer value to these core solutions. The company makes it easier and more cost-effective for its customers to acquire, maintain and manage their IT infrastructure via selective outsourcing. Interliant sells to the large/enterprise market through its direct sales force and to the small and medium-business market (SMB) through its INIT Branded Solutions programme, which allows companies to private label its offerings.

PracticeOne helps physicians successfully manage clinical and administrative challenges facing today's medical practices. Available on both a client-server and ASP platform, PracticeOne provides unified access to a suite of innovative and proven applications, affordably and through a single desktop menu. PracticeOne solutions address core practice management, clinical and process improvement needs, enabling physician practices to better manage patient care and increase productivity. More PracticeOne news is available in the VMW June 2000 article PracticeOne delivers improved medical practice work flow and productivity to Atlanta Gastroenterology.

Leslie Versweyveld

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