Loma Linda University Medical Center to implement Overland's Neo Series storage technology

San Diego 15 August 2002Overland Storage Inc., a fast growing provider of mid-range storage solutions, has installed Overland's Neo Series tape libraries at Loma Linda University Medical Center, featuring the industry's first automation shipment of Super DLT 320 (SDLT 320) tape technology. Utilising the SDLT 320 drive, the Neo Series offers the highest storage density, lowest cost per gigabyte and fastest tape back-ups available to enterprise customers such as Loma Linda University Medical Center.


"Loma Linda University Medical Center is a well-known, progressive research and clinical institution, and its storage solutions must be of equally high quality", stated Bob Scroop, vice president and general manager of Overland's storage resource business unit. "SDLT 320 is the industry's newest mid-range tape offering. We are proud that Loma Linda is our first customer that realises the Neo Series high-availability enterprise tape library benefits."

The Neo Series library architecture is designed to support environments up to hundreds of terabytes of data, and transfer rate performance of up to multiple terabytes per hour. Designed by Quantum, the SDLT 320 drive offers the highest capacity and performance mid-range tape format. SDLT 320 delivers 160 gigabytes of native storage capacity at a transfer rate of 16 megabytes per second.

"The Neo Series provides all of the features we seek in an automated storage system", stated Bruce Laycook, Systems Administration Manager at Loma Linda University Medical Center. "Key criteria include scalability, so that we can add additional slots and drives when needed; a competitive price; and maintenance which we can perform ourselves. By offering the Neo Series integrated SDLT 320 technology, the choice for us was clear."

The Neo Series with SDLT 320 also provides unprecedented levels of availability through Non-stop Operation, investment protection through SmartScale Architecture, flexible connectivity to DAS or SAN environments through Virtual Interface Architecture and dual-path Fibre Channel I/O.

"This enterprise installation demonstrates the power of the Neo Series when combined with the state-of-the-art technology of SDLT 320", stated Greg Lally, president of Synegi, an Overland solutions reseller. "Loma Linda will benefit from the highest capacity, most flexible hardware storage solution on the market."

Loma Linda University Medical Center operates some of the largest clinical programmes in the United States in fields such as neonatal care and outpatient surgery and is recognised as an international expert in infant heart transplantation and proton treatment for cancer. Each year, the institution admits more than 33.000 inpatients and serves roughly half a million outpatients.

Overland Storage Inc. is a global supplier of innovative hardware and software storage solutions for mid-range computer networks. The company's reputation for delivering high availability products, including the award-winning Neo Series of tape libraries and the industry's first family of fully open storage management software solutions, sets the standard for intelligent, automated and scalable storage.

Leslie Versweyveld

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