CareDecision Medicius merger, patents and trademarks propel medical PDA innovator to e-Health forefront

New York 15 August 2002ATR Search Corporation has concluded its merger with Medicius Inc., the e-health technology developer and medical PDA innovator. The resultant entity has changed its name to CareDecision Corporation and constitutes an Internet-enhanced PDA-based information technology company that provides physicians with sophisticated information solutions at the point-of-care. The company's patent-pending software systems, communication technologies and clinical applications furnish office-based physicians with vital patient information via the Web on a Microsoft Windows CE-based PDA. They provide the mechanism for electronically communicating value added medical, administrative and financial information to insurers, pharmacies, clinical labs, and hospitals.


Robert Cox, CEO of CareDecision Corporation, stated: "The acquisition of Medicius is now complete. Our company has now transitioned to a new strategic direction and transformed its business model. All of our organisation's human and financial resources are entirely focused on the execution of our e-health plan and the fulfilment of the unparalleled opportunity afforded by the merger with Medicius. The technologies that have been acquired and the talent that we have inherited position CareDecision Corporation to catapult to the forefront of the industry."

Keith Berman, President and CIO, added: "The intrinsic value of CareDecision resides in its technology. CareDecision has acquired from Medicius an elegant collection of intellectual properties, software systems and clinical applications that are impressive in design and construction but that are particularly distinguished by their originality. The creativity and vision that support the technology simultaneously elevate it beyond any that are currently available."

CareDecision Corporation's core product, the wireless MD@Hand, is an integrated collection of Internet-enhanced integration, communication, administrative, and clinical software applications that reside on, and function through, a Windows CE-based PDA. The wireless MD@Hand provides doctors with real time, comprehensive patient information plus medical decision-making support at the point-of-care.

The CareDecision Corporation technologies were engineered by a team of visionary executives and developers whose collective experience forged the backbone for successive generations of technological innovations dating back to the inception of the e-health industry. The pooling of those co-operative talents and experiences within CareDecision Corporation has fuelled the creation of unique cutting-edge networking, communication and integration software systems, as well as interactive clinical software applications.

MD@Hand permits the practising physician to immediately capture specific patient related medical information from any health care legacy information system. The patent-pending software collects and blends the received information into a comprehensive patient medical history that can be reviewed by the physician at the point of clinical decision, on a wireless PDA. Additionally, the interactive clinical software applications allow the physician to electronically select an appropriate course of therapy, and facilitate its direct entry into MD@Hand.

CareDecision Corporation anticipates that the underlying innovations that form the structural foundation of its proprietary technologies will be shortly recognised and protected through the United States Patent and Trademark Office by the granting of multiple patents and trademarks. Applications have been filed for broad-based patents that will encompass the company's broad-based technology claims and should yield multiple derivative patents which protect the methods, processes, and the essence of the company's distinctive technologies.

The company has received provisional approval for its six trademark and trade name applications. The collective patent and trademark recognition and protection will envelop the crucial components that govern the functionality of the company's core MD@Hand, MD@Practice-Probe, and MD@Wireless products.

Robert Cox concluded by saying: "Perhaps the most valued asset that we have realised through the merger is the accomplished and experienced Medicius management team. Their collective talent and leadership will energise the company and become the impetus that drives continued development and the future growth of CareDecision. The Founder and President, the EVP, and the COO/VP Business Development have been creating and introducing sophisticated medical practice enhancement software for the past 20 years."

Leslie Versweyveld

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