Computerized Screening participates in Mississippi telehealth project for uninsured patient monitoring

Sparks 18 September 2002Computerized Screening Inc. (CSI), visionary pioneers in the field of preventive health screening technology, is part of a major initiative to manage the health burdens of residents afflicted with asthma, diabetes and hypertension in Hinds County, Mississippi. The Hinds County Health Alliance, a coalition of health advocates and government and community health providers, is targeting approximately 455.000 uninsured residents in the state of Mississippi to participate in this free programme made possible by CSI's innovative health stations.


CSI health stations use patented technology to provide blood pressure and heart rate monitoring, weight and health risk assessments and fitness evaluations, as well as health education and information on local community health resources. CSI has placed five CSI health stations in various locations including the Jackson Medical Mall and grocery stores around Hinds County.

The Health Alliance programme is designed to use CSI technology to encourage preventive health management and disease prevention and management. CSI health stations provide tools for the early detection of disease, as well as education and resources to support early treatment intervention for hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and other common chronic illnesses. Officials hope this initiative, a model for the state, will reduce incidence of chronic illness and decrease the burden placed on county emergency departments where uninsured patients seek treatment.

"The goal of the Health Alliance is consistent with the founding mission of CSI", stated Charles Bluth, CEO and founder of CSI. "We believe that if people have access to the tools and the information they need to assess their health and determine their health risks, individuals will be pro-active in managing their health. Our goal is to create a society and a health system that is oriented to prevention and wellness as opposed to disease management", Mr. Bluth continued.

To date, nearly 1000 Hinds County residents have enrolled in the project and officials expect that number to total 2500 by the end of 2002. The Hinds County Health Alliance plans to enroll all eligible residents for this free screening programme as part of community-based clinic programmes. Qualified patients are identified and enrolled after dismissal from one of the four participating Hinds County hospitals.

"CSI has provided us with the means and opportunity to examine the health risks of Hinds County's underinsured and uninsured population", stated Dr. Aaron Shirley, MD, Director of Community Health Service and Chairman of the Jackson Medical Mall Foundation. "We expect that the CSI health stations will provide residents with the tools and resource information that make prevention an easy alternative to disease. At the same time, we can examine trends and monitor changes in health status overtime", he continued.

CSI provides telehealth technology and systems that allow officials to screen and monitor at-risk patients and intervene before their health status reaches a critical state. The telehealth technology also allows officials to analyse aggregate data collected from participating individuals. Officials use CSI health station data to identify counties or populations with greater disease risk, or other health-related issues, based on various health status parameters established and analysed within the CSI health station system.

Mississippi officials hope the programme will improve the health of the population and dramatically reduce health care costs by encouraging uninsured patients to use clinic programmes to pro-actively manage their health, rather than visit emergency rooms when illnesses are acute.

CSI health stations have been placed in hundreds of corporations, retailers and health care facilities since the technology was introduced in 2000. CSI is in the process of securing four patents for features of the CSI health station, including one for the revolutionary blood pressure monitoring technology that is vital to the Hinds County programme. Other patented features include a seated weight assessment tool, a device providing wheel chair access to the system, and the interactive personal health record management system.

Computerized Screening Inc. is a privately held medical device manufacturer, health care technology, marketing and information company. The centerpiece of CSI's health complement is the CSI health station, one-stop health information and screening technology that features four patents. Included in these is a patent for the most accurate, non-invasive automated blood pressure measurement device in existence today.

CSI was founded in 1978, with a mission to offer free, accurate blood pressure and heart rate testing in non-clinical settings. One billion tests have been performed in CSI's twenty-five years, and CSI is achieving its founding corporate mission by empowering the patient with access to accurate, affordable health assessment tools and information that encourage and motivate wellness and disease prevention.

Leslie Versweyveld

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