ProAct and HealthShare deliver integrated data on health care providers, plans, and hospitals

White Plains 05 September 2002ProAct Technologies Corporation, an expert in Human Resources and benefits management solutions for employers and health plans, has partnered with HealthShare Technology, a provider of health care analytical tools for improving business and clinical performance. Through this partnership, customers will be able to implement a hosted, Web-based solution that provides employees or health plan members with up-to-date, personalised information on health care providers and plan benefits.


ProAct offers a personalised database of providers and health plans specific to a company's benefits programmes via its Health Pages on-line product. It contains information about virtually every physician, hospital and other medical facilities. Health Pages has become an industry standard for health plan and provider information and is the information driver behind WebMD.

Through this partnership, Health Pages clients can now benefit from the addition of HealthShare's award winning hospital comparison tool, Select Quality Care. Health Pages contains information for over 500.000 physicians in over fifty categories, over 6000 hospitals, and more than 400 health plans, while Select Quality Care adds enormous depth in the area of hospital quality by aggregating publicly available outcomes data from federal and state agencies.

In only two to three minutes, health plan members or employees can generate a report that identifies the top hospitals that have the best rates of success in treating specific ailments. These unique, side-by-side comparisons are the result of evidence-based measures such as patient volume, mortality rates, and unfavourable outcomes.

Select Quality Care is also a Leapfrog-approved tool which adheres to the Leapfrog Group standards for dissemination of their hospital survey results. The Leapfrog Group is a consortium of more than 90 Fortune 500 companies and purchaser coalitions working together to drive patient safety improvements in hospitals.

"The relationship between ProAct and HealthShare is highly complementary", stated Tom Finstein, acting president and chief executive officer for ProAct. "This partnership allows the two companies to seamlessly marry the industry's best institutional-based health care quality and performance information with the broadest medical provider database and decision-support capability. The result is an offering unmatched in the market."

"Our recent consumer study, conducted by Forrester Research, found that eight out of ten consumers feel that the quality of hospital care varies greatly and they would like their health plan or employer to provide them with more information about hospitals", stated Richard Siegrist, president and chief executive officer of HealthShare Technology. "By combining both offerings, consumers have unprecedented access to information to make better health care decisions."

ProAct Technologies is transforming the way Human Resources and benefits programs are communicated, valued and delivered. ProAct provides industrial strength Web-based solutions that help employers and health plans automate critical business functions, including benefits communication, decision support, enrollment, and administration for all constituents. ProAct solutions dramatically increase the quality and effectiveness of Human Resources and benefits initiatives and deliver savings that go directly to the bottom line.

ProAct solutions support both current and future benefits requirements, including regulatory compliance for HIPAA and the movement to consumer-driven plan initiatives. They also work hand-in-glove with existing Human Resources and membership systems, and portal architectures. Industry-leading companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Hewlett-Packard, Humana, Johnson Controls, MetLife, Texas Instruments, The Thomson Corporation, and Verizon Wireless use ProAct software.

Since 1992, HealthShare Technology has been a pioneer in the health care decision support industry. HealthShare's tools leverage technology to provide better access to publicly available hospital information. HealthShare's consumer tool, Select Quality Care, received the 2001 Mercury Award from the National Business Coalition on Health in the category of content for consumers. HealthShare's clients include many of the nations leading hospitals, health systems, health plans, and employers.

Leslie Versweyveld

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