E-health Edmonton Project goes wearable and wireless in remote patient monitoring

Edmonton 10 September 2002DevStudios International Inc. and an international team of twelve partner organisations have joined forces to produce wireless wearable physiological monitors (WWPM) and e-health applications for the E-health Edmonton Project. The E-health Edmonton Project will develop new physiological monitors and integrate them for the purpose of remote health monitoring, wellness management, and illness prevention.


The project is a private and public partnership conceived and co-ordinated by the University of Alberta. It also involves two major Japanese technology companies, Seiko Instruments Inc. and MI Laboratories Co. which is a Sony spin-off; Televital Inc., United States; and nine other local organisations.

The first phase of this project, based on proprietary miniature biometric sensors developed by Seiko and MI Labs, will be geared to producing prototypes of completely wireless e-health solutions. The new generation of e-health solutions, Wireless Wearable Physiological Monitors (WWPM), will help track the health condition of humans and animals 24 hours a day. The WWPM will continuously collect and store health data which can be used to produce reports for improved health management.

"This e-health project will benefit many people, including persons suffering from chronic diseases and seniors living at home, particularly people living in remote areas or experiencing mobility problems. It could also have a great impact on productivity and quality control processes in the cattle industry", stated Masako Miyazaki, Principal Investigator, WWPM-Edmonton project.

According to Professor Miyazaki, there are many markets for WWPM, with the rise in wellness and pro-active care, as well as veterinary and military applications. The WWPM project will enter a US $3,1 trillion dollar per year industry.

"Our role, as one of the thirteen companies to undertake this project, is to create software that will facilitate the WWPM application as well as participate in the take-to-market branding and marketing strategies for WWPM. As a full project partner, we look forward to the future applications of this project", stated Mr. Bob Vergidis President/CEO DevStudios Inc.

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, DevStudios specialises in creating the people as well as the technologies for the next generation of Internet-based applications. The WWPM project was kicked off on Friday September 6th, 2002, with the announcement from the Canadian Federal government of $575.000 funding toward the project.

Leslie Versweyveld

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