CareDecision Corporation introduces wireless voice command medical PDA

New York 24 September 2002CareDecision Corporation, the e-health technology developer and medical PDA innovator, has introduced the patent pending MD@Command, the e-health sector's first PDA-based wireless voice command product and technology. MD@Command furnishes physicians with the alternative capability of voice command to power and navigate the company's wireless MD@Hand and MD@Practice-Probe product on an Internet enhanced PDA.


MD@Command releases the physician, at the point of patient care, from the physical restrictions of paper, pen, keyboard or stylus. Information can be downloaded, directives issued, medical orders placed, results recorded, and therapies electronically transmitted during the course of an examination while the physician's hands and eyes remain focused on the patient's care. MD@Command enables the verbal request of patient histories, formulary and dangerous drug interaction data, construction of medical prescription and clinical lab tests, recording of therapies and the electronic transmission of physician directives.

Robert Cox, CareDecision CEO stated: "The company has crafted and deployed a robust system of technologies and products that pragmatically respond to the individual requirements of each of the participants within health care's complex web of interdependent payers and providers. Our internal governing principle requires that each technological advance or product progression must concurrently elevate the system's utilitarian value to the practising physician who resides at the core of the integrated network model. The introduction of MD@Command clearly satisfies, and even exceeds, that mandate."

Mr. Cox continued: "MD@Command broadens an already robust product suite to include a technological innovation which distances CareDecision from the competitive herd. Through CareDecision, the e-health sector is now afforded with the unique luxury of selecting from an array of technological alternatives to satisfy their individual needs and which readily conform to their existing system capabilities. MD@Hand, CareDecision's core product within the company's product portfolio, can now be captured and employed by physicians on a desktop PC, a PDA that features a docking component for data loading, a wireless PDA, and now a PDA empowered by voice command."

Robert Cox also stated that since the completion of the acquisition of Medicius and the transformation of its business model, "the company has been hard at work developing strategic alliances with several of the largest pharmaceutical organisations that manage prescriptions for their insured patients nationally." One in particular, Pharmacare Corporation, which manages seven million insured patients, has agreed to introduce CareDecision's MD@Hand and related systems to its insured customers and has already initiated a premier pilot programme with one of its east coast based Blue Cross/Blue Shield customers.

Upon the successful completion of the pilot programme, Caredecision will convert this programme into a commercial contract with projected annual revenues of 4MM. Mr. Cox further stated that CareDecision is in talks with the US Department of Defense to fund the refinement of MD@Hand and the related systems to participate in Bio-Warfare defense. The company anticipates finalising an agreement before the end of the fourth quarter.

In concluding his remarks, Mr. Cox stated: "CareDecision Corporation continues to rapidly progress on the strategic path forged during the company's inauguration. The introduction of MD@Command spotlights CareDecision as the industry's foremost technological innovator and the primary respondent to the pulse of the office practice physician."

CareDecision Corporation is an Internet-enhanced PDA-based information technology company that provides physicians with sophisticated information solutions at the point of care. The company's patent-pending software systems, communication technologies, and clinical applications furnish office-based physicians with vital patient information via the Web on a Microsoft Windows CE-based PDA, and also the mechanism for electronically communicating value added medical, administrative and financial information to insurers, pharmacies, clinical labs, and hospitals.

More news on CareDecision Corporation is available in the VMW September 2002 article CareDecision Medicius merger, patents and trademarks propel medical PDA innovator to e-Health forefront.

Leslie Versweyveld

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