Scottsdale Healthcare to install Skylight Systems' GetWellTV interactive digital patient bedside services hospital-wide

San Diego 19 September 2002Scottsdale Healthcare, one of the top three health care organisations in Arizona, is bringing cutting edge digital interactive entertainment and communication services directly to the hospital bedside. The GetWellTV contract, from San Diego-based Skylight Systems, includes the offering of interactive administrative services such as on-demand health education, in addition to patient and visitor services available for purchase such as premium cable television channels, high-speed Internet and e-mail access, music, interactive games and feature films. The system is installed in over 250 patient rooms at Scottsdale Healthcare's Osborn campus and is scheduled to be installed at the Shea campus in autumn.


"The educational component is completely changing the way we're approaching patient education", stated Peggy Reiley, RN, chief clinical officer, Scottsdale Healthcare. "Previous to this, we had to start from scratch and individually plan a video schedule for every patient. Now, whether it's in a cardiac, orthopaedic, general surgery or any other type of unit, we'll be able to meet specific patient and unit educational requirements by programming videos directly to a patient's in-room television. Another bonus is that patients can truly be pro-active by initiating their own viewing."

The interactive health education solution improves patients' grasp of viewed health materials through integrating comprehension testing and full VCR functionality. Administrative burdens on the hospital staff are reduced through patient specific programming, on demand access, and automated reporting.

The GetWellTV contract also furthers Scottsdale Healthcare's strategy to improve patient satisfaction by personalising the patient experience. "In addition to state-of-the-art medical care, we believe that offering state-of-the-art amenities, such as premium entertainment and communications services, enables patients to personalise their stay", stated Peggy Reiley. "We treat our patients and visitors as guests, and as such, are pleased to offer today's leading technology in order to make their stay as enjoyable as possible."

Accessed by a traditional remote control or an optional wireless keyboard and delivered through existing television sets, GetWellTV uses the latest technology to deliver entertainment and communication services to each patient room. The service provides an efficient platform for automating administrative hospital services. Patients and visitors also have the ability to stay connected to family and friends with bedside access to high-speed Internet and e-mail services. In addition, premium cable stations, on-demand feature films, music and interactive games recreate the entertainment choices they enjoy at home or during hotel stays.

Patients and visitors can purchase entertainment services either directly from in-room TVs, during the admission process, or prior to admissions via Scottsdale Healthcare's Web site. Additionally, a GetWellTV toll-free customer care phone number has been provided should patients, visitors or staff have questions regarding services.

Focusing on the health care industry, Skylight Systems' product, GetWellTV, is an interactive bedside entertainment and communication network designed to recreate the comforts of home and hotel stays and to provide an efficient platform for automating administrative hospital services into the patient room. State-of-the-art digital entertainment services include feature film rentals, premium cable TV, music, high-speed Internet and e-mail access, and interactive games. GetWellTV administrative hospital services include on-demand health education, patient survey technology, and dietary menu services.

Scottsdale Healthcare, formerly Scottsdale Memorial Health System, is the not-for-profit parent organisation of Scottsdale Healthcare Shea, Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn, Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak and Scottsdale Healthcare Home Health Services. Led by a community-based board, the 40-year-old organisation serves its community through two hospitals, outpatient centres, home health services, and a wide range of community outreach programmes.

Skylight Systems is the fastest growing hospital services network and amenities provider in the United States. Through their two integrated products, GetWellTV and GetWellGifts, Skylight Systems' focus is offering a suite of state-of-the-art entertainment, information and communications mediums which enhance the patient experience, as well as delivering health care providers with a complete range of gift-buying services for hospitalised patients, visitors, and the community.

Leslie Versweyveld

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