Andromed to receive FDA approval for its third generation electronic stethoscope

Montréal 15 October 2002Andromed, a high-tech medical company, received FDA approval to market in the United States its new electronic stethoscope Androscope iStethos, the next revolution in electronic auscultation. This third generation electronic stethoscope developed by Andromed will enable remote cardiac and pulmonary auscultation, autocalculation and display of heart rate on a LCD screen. Andromed will launch Androscope iStethos in the United States market in November 2002.


"Androscope iStethos will differentiate itself from electronic and traditional stethoscopes currently on the market by offering a continuum strategy to support medical professionals now and in the future", stated Rodney J. Williams, Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Andromed. "Our stethoscope will provide customers with a leading-edge performance device at the best value and a fully integrated solution to assist them in the art of auscultation."

Andromed's new electronic stethoscope will allow for interfacing with PDA and computers, and will open the door to advanced processing of heart and lung sounds. Androscope iStethos will provide clinical application in multiple settings such as the emergency room, physician office, acute care, ambulatory and home telehealth.

It will also permit connection to Andromed's exclusive non-invasive single-use sensor, Androsonix, generally known as BSM, which can continuously capture and transmit cardiac and pulmonary sounds. The use of both auscultation devices will enhance localised sound capture while filtering ambient noise, reducing cross contamination and patient moving.

Furthermore, Androscope iStethos will enable connection to Androscope's teaching modules allowing up to 16 health care professionals to listen to biological sounds simultaneously in a medical setting.

Androscope iStethos packaging will include Androsonix sensors which will also be used with other Andromed's exclusive non-invasive products such as Androgram, generally known as PAP-E, which will estimate pulmonary artery pressure, and Androflo, generally known as Phonospirometer, which will measure pulmonary functions and breathing patterns.

Creator of the world's first fully electronic stethoscope, Andromed Inc. has become an international expert in the design, manufacture, and marketing of innovative and commercially high-potential medical technologies. In addition, Andromed is an established leader in supplying patient satisfaction survey tools to health care institutions worldwide.

Andromed is now positioning itself to become a key multi-parametric equipment supplier and service provider for the non-invasive diagnostics and home monitoring markets. The company will accelerate growth through the acquisition of compatible technologies and companies.

Leslie Versweyveld

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