OPTIMUS to implement Michaels mobile ambulatory reporting system in Washington D.C.

Silver Spring 21 October 2002OPTIMUS Corporation, a provider of public safety technology, has been awarded a contract by Washington D.C. to implement Michaels Fire and EMS, a comprehensive mobile communications system for emergency personnel. Michaels provides wireless, uniform access to critical assessment, triage, and reporting data needed to effectively mitigate and respond to emergency situations helping to break down communication and co-ordination barriers.


A fully mobile system, Michaels will enable Washington D.C. emergency management system (EMS) professionals to convey data directly from the first point of patient contact to emergency room staff, administrators, and other city agencies and determine real time responses.

"Michaels Fire and EMS significantly strengthens the city's emergency management system, empowering our first responders with the ability to communicate critical data more quickly and effectively", stated Washington D.C. Medical Director, Dr. Fernando Daniels, III. "We consider OPTIMUS Corporation a key partner for the city."

"We are honoured to be working with our Nation's Capital to support the mission to create a more open and efficient emergency network system", stated Eric Adolphe, President and CEO of OPTIMUS Corporation. "We commend Washington D.C. for its ongoing vision and commitment to public safety."

Michaels Fire and EMS, named for the Patron Saint of fire and EMS, increases the productivity of emergency workers by speeding up the entire data entry and analysis process. First responders can easily input critical medical data from the field and collaborate with emergency room staff and other medical personnel via video and wireless units. Using a Geographic Information System (GIS), the Michaels command centre software enables the Fire & EMS field supervisory staff to view and track the locations of all ambulances and fire apparatus immediately, and quickly deploy the most appropriate equipment in a state of emergency.

In addition, with Michaels, Washington D.C. will now have real time visibility of their vehicles and assets, which will enable them to make more efficient and strategic dispatch decisions. The system also will provide the city with immediate hazardous material (hazmat) data to better protect emergency workers and citizens.

Developed in conjunction with and fully tested by emergency professionals, Michaels is one of the only EMS products on the market that is certified under the National Security Agency (NSA) Security Proof of Concept Keystone (SPOCK) programme meeting the highest level of government security standards. This certification also ensures compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

OPTIMUS indeed has met the stringent standards for electronic transactions of patient health information, set forth by Section 142 of the HIPAA Act, which requires:

  • Authentication of data integrity, user and receiver identities
  • Encryption of data to ensure safety of information
  • Audit trails for tracking transaction history
  • Event reporting showing time, date and event history on a transaction-by-transaction basis

These requirements are designed to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of medical information, while protecting against any reasonably anticipated security breaches and ensuring compliance by officers and employees.

Michaels Fire and EMS is part of a comprehensive suite of innovative, customer-driven public safety technology products delivered by OPTIMUS that enable governments to enhance citizen safety and break down communication barriers. With these products, personnel can easily use handhelds, wireless laptops, and other mobile technologies to make critical decisions more effectively.

With the integration of Geospatial Information System (GIS) based data display and reporting tools, mobile field personnel, citizens, and city and agency managers can collaborate and communicate with significantly increased levels of efficiency. OPTIMUS products are highly secure, user-friendly, and based on open computing and databasing standards.

OPTIMUS Corporation enhances public safety and quality of life through solutions that increase efficiencies while reducing transaction costs. Since 1992, OPTIMUS has been helping to ensure public safety in such critical environments as the U.S. Coast Guard, District of Columbia, Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Highway Administration, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NASA, and others.

Leslie Versweyveld

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