Major health care organisations choose Citrix NFuse Elite for portal deployments

Fort Lauderdale 08 October 2002Three health care organisations have selected Citrix NFuse Elite software for development of customised employee and patient access portals. Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG) in Phoenix, Arizona; Boston Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts; and National Institutes of Health (NIH) Warren G. Magnuson Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, are all implementing NFuse Elite to complement their use of MetaFrame application serving and management software, expanding access to vital client/server and Web-based applications through a single, secure user interface.


"Secure delivery of information and role-based access are critical for members of the health care industry, both in terms of patient care and government regulations", stated Bob Kruger, Citrix's CTO and senior vice president of product development. "NFuse Elite provides a simple, powerful method of aggregating the applications necessary to efficiently serve patients and staff. The decisions by HSAG, Boston Medical Center, and NIH Clinical Center to implement NFuse Elite confirm the value that Citrix access portal technology brings to this industry."

Founded in 1979 by medical professionals, HSAG has grown to be one of the United States' most experienced quality improvement organisations. Since it works with many constituencies, including doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers, the organisation chose NFuse Elite to address the information access needs of its employees and customers in a personalised, role-based manner.

Like many NFuse Elite customers, HSAG has already deployed MetaFrame XP with NFuse Classic and Citrix Secure Gateway to give more than 150 employee users secure, Internet-based access to client/server applications. Now, by deploying NFuse Elite, HSAG will be able to give a wide variety of external medical providers fast, easy access to project-critical applications and documents from customised portals.

Designated employees can manage projects and publish information to the portal, minimising the need for administrators to manage content and generate reports. Overall, HSAG expects a marked increase in productivity and competitive advantage by providing a personalised, value-added service for various medical providers and facilities focused on improving elements of patient care. Moreover, since the organisation deals with sensitive patient information, HSAG is using NFuse Elite to provide secure access to information in compliance with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

"With NFuse Elite, we can now provide an interactive capability to collect and report data. This will speed the analytical process and reporting functions, and improve overall productivity", stated Don Umlah, vice president of information systems for HSAG. "In addition, by being a secure solution, NFuse Elite enables us to build a foundation for HIPAA compliance and to easily work with data collection sources, which is very important in improving the quality of patient care."

Boston Medical Center is a private, not-for-profit, academic medical centre with 547 licensed beds that serves as a primary teaching affiliate for Boston University School of Medicine. To stretch the boundaries of the hospital by offering application access from home to on-call clinicians, Boston Medical Center is developing a Web-based portal with NFuse Elite for staff to interact with mission-critical applications and access patient data from anywhere.

The organisation's current MetaFrame deployment is enabling more than 1000 doctors, 600 medical residents, and 2000 nurses and clinicians to access applications on a wide array of client devices. Boston Medical Center's external Web portal currently delivers numerous client/server clinical applications and patient databases to staff located outside of the hospital with NFuse Classic. Now, with NFuse Elite, the portal will be brought inside the hospital as a central source of information for a larger desktop user base and will add the ability to access Web-based applications from a single location.

"Citrix portal and application serving software has offered our department a dynamic way to serve not just internal clients but external ones as well", stated Darren Dworkin, CTO of Boston Medical Center. "With the centralised application deployment capability of MetaFrame, the Medical Center has saved many man hours, and we expect the NFuse Elite portal to produce additional savings across the board in terms of time and money. Ultimately, we will be able to take better care of hospital patients."

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center initially leveraged MetaFrame and NFuse Classic to cost-effectively integrate its clinical information system into a multi-platform desktop environment. Now, the organisation is planning to give doctors, nurses, researchers, and other personnel remote access to more than 40 applications, Web sites, and databases that they need to do their jobs. With NFuse Elite, the federal agency will deliver role-specific content and applications to its staff via a Web browser, and as a result, hospital staff will gain quick, aggregated access to information and applications they need, even when making rounds or working off-site.

Citrix NFuse Elite is a simple, powerful access portal server that bridges the client/server and Web worlds, helping ensure access to the applications and information users need to do their jobs. Citrix NFuse Elite incorporates features of Citrix NFuse Classic to enable Web-based access to UNIX, Windows, and Java applications running on Citrix MetaFrame servers. It extends beyond client/server systems, providing access to Web-based applications, internally hosted and syndicated Web content, and other services. With a feature set that emphasises access, security and straightforward administration, Citrix NFuse Elite offers substantial benefits to administrators and users alike.

Citrix Systems Inc. is specialised in virtual workplace software and services that provide access to applications, information, processes, and people on any device, over any network, anywhere, anytime. Citrix makes today's digital office completely virtual. Instead of having to go to your office, the office follows you. Working with the world's top industry, integration and consulting partners, Citrix delivers enterprise-ready solutions to business challenges including application deployment, remote office connectivity, workforce mobility and business continuity. More than 120.000 companies worldwide use Citrix Solutions for the Virtual Workplace to give users more mobility, give IT organisations more flexibility, and reduce the cost of computing.

Citrix offers two families of products that enable virtual access to information which are Application Server software, including MetaFrame XP, MetaFrame for Windows and MetaFrame for UNIX; and Access Portal software, including NFuse Elite and NFuse Classic.

Leslie Versweyveld

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