First DataBank to introduce Drug Information Framework for Canada

San Bruno 04 October 2002First DataBank has introduced its advanced integrated content software, the Drug Information Framework, for Canadian users. The Framework enables developers to encapsulate First DataBank knowledge bases into end-user health information systems quickly and economically. The new Framework is for use with First DataBank's International Drug Data File-Canada (IDDF-CA), an accurate, comprehensive knowledge base that provides descriptive and clinical data for every drug product sold in Canada.


The same Framework product can also be used with First DataBank's U.S. drug knowledge bases. For several years in the United States, the Framework has been used to accelerate implementation of First DataBank's National Drug Data File (NDDF) in a variety of health care environments, such as pharmacy dispensing and computerised prescriber order entry systems (CPOE).

According to Product Manager, Lisa Geller, the Framework now offers Canadian developers a faster and more economical way to deliver clinical decision-support information to their customers. "The IDDF-Canada knowledge base plays a vital role in supporting health care professionals in critical decision-making about dosing and orders, drug interactions, allergy alerts, disease contra-indications, patient education, and a whole lot more."

"The Framework", Lisa Geller stated, "now has the ability to take our proven IDDF-Canada drug content and encapsulates it in a suite of intuitive, pre-built APIs and software components." This helps information system developers minimise product lead times, and make more efficient use of scarce resources. The Framework's exceptionally flexible design enables vendors to more easily differentiate their systems. "They can quickly implement either our standard functions, or customise their own", added Lisa Geller.

Available in both COM and Java versions, the Framework enables developers to integrate drug content into multiple environments more quickly than was possible before. These include client/server networks, desktop, Internet, and handheld wireless devices.

First DataBank Director of Marketing, David Manin, further observed that the Framework would be especially useful in reducing time to market for next-generation information system products. "With the Framework", Mr. Manin stated, "developers can respond more rapidly to the needs of emerging markets for sophisticated, easy-to-access drug information products." He also noted that the Framework gives developers their choice of operating systems, relational database management systems, and development tools.

Ultimately, as Mr. Manin pointed out, use of the Framework with First DataBank's proven IDDF drug content and clinical decision-support information can result in better health care outcomes, by minimising medication errors which can lead to adverse drug events.

First DataBank, a subsidiary of The Hearst Corporation, is a provider of electronic drug information, "the knowledge inside" health care information systems. For more than two decades, it has delivered proven knowledge bases for integration into varied health care applications, with particular expertise in clinical decision support within the work flow. The portfolio also includes comprehensive reference products, integrated content software, and speciality software for physicians and nutritionists.

Leslie Versweyveld

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