AllScripts offers TouchWorks' modular electronic medical record on Tablet PC

New York 07 November 2002Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, a provider of point-of-care decision support tools for physicians, has made available TouchWorks, the complete modular electronic medical record (mEMR), for deployment on the Tablet PC. With the release of the enhanced Windows XP operating system for Tablet PC from Microsoft and the launch of a new Tablet PC from HP, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions leverages the power of this important new platform to bring mobility to all of the clinical applications in the TouchWorks suite.


TouchWorks enables physicians to automate their most common clinical activities including prescribing, capturing charges, dictating, ordering labs, and viewing results, providing patient education and taking clinical notes with its award winning TouchWorks mEMR. Using radio frequency (RF) technology and the Tablet PC, Allscripts now enables physicians to bring all TouchWorks applications to the point of care.

"The Tablet PC offers physicians additional flexibility in leveraging technology to improve how they care for their patients", stated Ahmad Hashem, M.D., Global Healthcare Industry Manager of Microsoft Corporation. "New hardware options will make software even more seamless, which will encourage physicians to embrace technology faster than ever before."

Today's launch adds the Tablet PC to the list of hardware options available for TouchWorks users. Previously, TouchWorks offered a select number of applications, or modules, on a mobile platform, the iPAQ from HP. Physicians could access the full functionality of the mEMR from a desktop workstation or laptop PC. Nevertheless, Chief Executive Officer of Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Glen Tullman, points out that while the Tablet PC offers impressive functionality, this new platform will supplement the PDA form factor, rather than replace it.

"Flexibility and choice are at the heart of our unique modular strategy and we are excited to work with Microsoft and HP to bring new options to our physicians in the same way the mEMR brings flexibility to clinical automation", stated Mr. Tullman. "TouchWorks focuses on physicians, delivering the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it, and now, on whatever hardware platform they choose."

Allscripts was one of only three health care solution providers selected to participate in the launch activities in New York City. Representatives from Allscripts at the worldwide launch will demonstrate the enhanced functionality that the Tablet PC offers to the TouchWorks suite. Currently, TouchWorks utilises many of the Tablet PC's innovative technologies, such as voice recognition and inking, and, as a participant in the Microsoft early adoption programme, Allscripts will continue working with Microsoft to embed these new abilities at the operating system level.

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions' TouchWorks software products enhance physician productivity using wireless PDAs, Tablet PCs or desktop workstations to automate the most common physician activities. The company also provides medication fulfilment services. Additionally, Allscripts offers interactive physician education services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies through its Physicians Interactive unit. More company news is to be found in the VMW November 2002 article Sutter Health, Springfield Clinic and University of Tennessee Medical Group to further implement Allscripts TouchWorks.

Leslie Versweyveld

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