Bernhoven Hospital places order for digital systems with Oldelft Benelux and Rogan-Delft

Delft 30 October 2002Oldelft Benelux B.V., a subsidiary of Delft Instruments N.V., has been awarded an order by Bernhoven Hospital to supply, implement, and maintain a Picture Archiving & Communication and Radiology Information System (PACS/RIS) together with all-digital radiology suites. The order is worth a total of 3,25 million euro.


Bernhoven Hospital provides patient care from two locations, one in Oss and the other in Veghel, both in The Netherlands, serving an area with a population of around 200.000. The new systems will enable the hospital to introduce an all-digital working environment for radiological images, dispensing with the use of film altogether. Hospital Bernhoven employs a staff of more than 1900.

The ability to supply the RIS part of the system is due to the strategic alliance of these Delft Instruments companies with the Dutch supplier of the Hospital Information System (HIS), ChipSoft B.V. This alliance has many advantages for hospitals in general because it integrates the two systems, PACS and RIS, at software level, allowing working methods to be greatly simplified.

"Everything on line" PACS software has been developed by Rogan-Delft, a separate operating company of Delft Instruments. Oldelft Benelux acts as systems integrator for hospitals and health care centres throughout the Benelux region and has already established an important position in the PACS market. Rogan-Delft has also granted distribution rights to companies in key markets like China, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Scandinavia, Singapore, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

The unique proposition offered by Rogan-Delft to its distributors and systems integrators and the success which the systems integrators are having, underscore the Delft Instruments strategy of investing in growth markets in the medical sector and specifically in software.

Oldelft Benelux B.V., based in Delft, specialises in the sale of high-grade medical systems, specialist service and innovative health care ICT and PACS solutions. Oldelft Benelux is also the Benelux agent for various international companies, including companies of the Delft Instruments Group.

Delft Instruments N.V., which is listed on Euronext Amsterdam and is included in the NextEconomy index, is the holding company for an international group of companies employing approximately 1000 people and generating annual sales of almost 200 million euro. Delft Instruments mainly sells high-grade instruments, systems and software for medical and industrial applications developed and produced in-house, along with goods for resale.

ChipSoft specialises in supplying the health care sector and, in ChipSoft Electronic Information System (CS-EZIS), offers a total package of support products and services. Patient files, scheduling, progress monitoring, medication, and administrative records are all handled by one and the same easy-to-use system providing a complete overview.

Leslie Versweyveld

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