Wellogic builds on MillenniumObjects to provide secure Web access to Cerner Millennium Patient Information

Kansas City 17 October 2002As physicians become more comfortable and reliant on information technology, they want the same access to patient information elsewhere that they enjoy in hospitals and clinics where they exercise privileges. Wellogic's Consult application, integrated with Cerner Millennium, provides an additional solution to Cerner's existing offerings. Under a technology and marketing agreement, Wellogic will integrate its Consult product with MillenniumObjects. Consult is a clinical work flow manager based on Web standards which allows hospitals to offer their affiliated physicians access to patient records anywhere a Web browser is available.


Cerner will provide marketing support for this additional solution, which securely connects hospitals and affiliated practice clinics. As such, physicians will be able to deliver results, activate care plans, and manage referrals to their respective clients. Wellogic Consult complements Cerner's existing product offerings and provides an alternative Web-based mechanism for affiliated physicians to access and act on patient records.

With almost 400 client sites running nearly 1600 applications, many physicians are using Cerner Millennium solutions every day during their rounds. With Wellogic Consult on MillenniumObjects, physicians and their staff will be able to view their schedules and patient medical records from any place, at any time, via secure Web access. Further integration with their practice management systems will provide clinicians with a unified view of their activities and patients across practice and hospital settings. Working from the same records ensures more complete, timely, and safe care.

"Physicians want access to their patients' electronic medical records and health care organisations want access to physicians", stated Trace Devanny, president of Cerner. "This is one of the few solutions on the market that serve affiliated physicians by providing access to patient information anytime, anywhere."

Cerner Millennium was built as an open architecture. Through MillenniumObjects, it allows quick and easy development of software by third parties that will run on and tap into the power of Cerner Millennium. In addition to integrating Wellogic Consult with Cerner Millennium, Wellogic will be certified by Cerner to develop added capabilities for Cerner clients through MillenniumObjects. These might include integrating Cerner Millennium functionality in a custom portal from Wellogic or creating unique work flows to meet a sub-specialist's needs.

"Cerner has the same singular focus on integrating clinical information for better decision-making than Wellogic does and the same reputation for commitment to its clients", stated Sumit Nagpal, president and chief executive officer of Wellogic. "Our combined offering will enhance the ability of hospital-affiliated physicians to care for their patients, and promote deeper linkages between Cerner hospitals and their referring practices."

"We chose Wellogic because of the quality of their products, the common ties between our visions for health care and their strong reputation for engineering excellence in the industry", stated Rick Holbrook, vice president of MillenniumObjects. "They will integrate tightly with Cerner Millennium by connecting through MillenniumObjects."

Findings is a module of Wellogic Consult, the company's clinical work flow management solution. Health care organisations that use Consult enable their providers to view and act on unified patient information across hospital, practice, and payer systems. For example, they can make regional referrals and seek virtual second opinions by forwarding a complete record securely over the Web for review by specialists.

The telemedicine module of the Wellogic Consult application was designed with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, which has been using the solution since 1998 to enable second opinion consultations for hospitals in the Middle East. They are evaluating plans to roll it out to other referral sites, as well as within their regional health system.

Cerner clients will be able to see Wellogic Consult on MillenniumObjects in the Cerner Vision Center in Kansas City, Missouri, by late fall 2002. The integrated offering will be available to the outpatient and affiliated practice markets by the first quarter of 2003. Cerner will incorporate the joint solution into its catalogue of product offerings, and Wellogic will offer the joint solution and MillenniumObjects development consulting services to its own clients.

"Wellogic will assist Cerner's MillenniumObjects clients in building upon the platform's rich extensibility to meet their unique needs", stated Mr. Holbrook. "The Cerner/Wellogic joint solution is yet another example of Cerner's pioneering efforts in health care information technology."

Wellogic provides advanced health care applications, application platforms and development consulting services to clients and partners who include the United States' leading hospitals and health care information technology providers. The company's flagship product, Wellogic Consult, is a clinical work flow manager for planning and co-ordinating clinical care in outpatient and affiliated practice settings.

It securely connects hospitals and affiliated clinics to deliver results, activate care plans, and manage referrals. Consult integrates with hospital, practice and payer systems to unify schedules and patient data, enabling clinicians to implement best practices and evidence-based medicine at the point of care. Wellogic builds Consult, and frequently its custom solutions, upon the Wellogic Platform for Healthcare.

Cerner Corporation is a supplier of clinical and management information and knowledge systems to more than 1500 health care organisations worldwide. Cerner is working to transform the health care delivery system by increasing the quality of care, improving efficiencies, eliminating medical error, and connecting the individual to the system with innovative information solutions. More news on Cerner is available in the VMW April 2002 article University of Kansas and Cerner partner to make nursing students familiar with electronic health records.

Leslie Versweyveld

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