BroadVision powers BUPA's myHealth Web service providing access to personalised health information

Redwood City 17 December 2002BroadVision Inc., a provider of enterprise business portal applications, has helped launching MyHealth portal service, an advancement in personal health information from BUPA, one of the United Kingdom's major independent health care organisations.


With nearly four million customers in 190 countries worldwide, BUPA has extended its personal health service promise to its Web site with the development of The company, which already has a robust Web site, wanted to leverage its strong brand and deliver personalised health information to visitors, making it easier for them to access a broad range of trustworthy health information and obtain expert answers to health-related inquiries.

Working closely with BroadVision, BUPA used BroadVision's One-to-One Portal to rapidly deploy a unique, personalised information service on budget, in just three months. BUPA's goal was to be first to market with a best-in-class service extension of its current Web site.

It wanted to communicate better with visitors, push information to multiple constituencies, and improve the experience for repeat visitors. Its aim was to learn more about which products and services were most important to on-line customers. The new portal service needed to complement other channels and ultimately integrate technically with its call centre and other Web collaboration tools.

The simple registration process is supported by the uncluttered delivery of Ease of use and rapid access to accurate, personalised health information was essential and, according to BUPA, far outweighed the need for elaborate, response-degrading graphics and animation.

With over 20.000 pages of content on its existing Web site, and even more being created specifically for, BUPA needed an efficient solution that could integrate easily with its existing technical platform and content management tool and reward visitors who register with an ongoing wealth of new information just for them.

The new service offers information across four communities:

  • Diet and nutrition: this community offers visitors guidance and motivation to help them obtain and maintain a healthy weight. From nutrients and plans for healthy recipes, users can also seek free advice from the Lighten Up experts.
  • Maternity and child care: this community offers free, interactive advice from experts, designed to provide visitors with everything they need to be well informed during pregnancy and early parenthood. Information can be tailored according to the visitor's stage of pregnancy or parenthood.
  • Stop Smoking: by registering here, smokers have access to information and experts to help them stop smoking for good.
  • Fitness: this community offers visitors free, interactive advice from medical and fitness experts focused on getting and staying fit. It also offers information on a wide range of sports and their health benefits, as well as how to avoid common injuries.

"BUPA brand recognition is over 90 percent and people trust us", explained Karen Flowers, director of interactive and multimedia services, BUPA. "We chose BroadVision because of its industry-leading technology which matched our requirements, its advanced personalisation capabilities and ease of implementation. Personalisation was the key."

"The information on is highly relevant to people who register. We intend to build on that and add more user-exclusive material as the site develops, and provide more personalised interactive functionality-based services. What we have done with is further reinforce BUPA's position as a trusted health advisor, giving people the information they want and making it easy for them to find the BUPA services they need."

"Personalisation is the best way to get to know your customers", stated Sanjay Gupta, senior vice president of marketing and alliances, BroadVision. "BUPA's MyHealth portal service is a perfect example of how BroadVision One-To-One solutions can quickly turn a concept into a great benefit for customers. This new portal service allows BUPA to learn more about its Web site visitors and provides the basis for targeted marketing and full customer self-service in the future."

BroadVision's enterprise business portal applications create immediate bottom line value by transforming the way organisations do business, moving relationships with employees, partners, and customers to a personalised, self-service model that increases revenues, reduces costs and improves productivity. BroadVision is a provider of portal software to Fortune 500 companies that use BroadVision to power their enterprise business portal initiatives, leveraging the Web and wireless devices to unify and extend their enterprise applications, information and business processes, to collaborate with over 50 million users.

Leslie Versweyveld

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