VIDAR's newest film digitiser included in mammography clinical study at Mayo Clinic

Chicago 02 December 2002VIDAR Systems Corporation, a manufacturer of medical film digitisers, will work with Siemens Medical Solutions and Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, to perform a mammography clinical study. This study will focus on the comparison of digitised images versus hard-copy original films. Dr. Elizabeth DePeri, Diagnostic Radiologist at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville will serve as the principal investigator. VIDAR also launched its newest digitiser, the CAD PRO, designed specifically for the application of computer aided detection (CAD) for screening mammography. The CAD PRO digitiser was unveiled at the 2002 annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago.


The CAD PRO features design innovations that are so unique three patents have been filed. VIDAR worked hand in hand with the leading mammography CAD companies to design a product that provides superior image quality, film feeding and transport reliability, and system speed. Additionally, VIDAR is completing contract negotiations with the leading mammography CAD companies.

Brian Beardslee, vice president of VIDAR, stated: "Unlike other manufacturers that take an evolutionary approach, VIDAR created a revolutionary design. We developed the CAD PRO from the ground up in collaboration with major CAD systems providers, technologists, radiologists, quality assurance experts, and VIDAR engineers to ensure that it met the exacting needs of the mammography customer."

Delivering VIDAR's unmatched reliability, the CAD PRO features a built-in, 200-sheet film feeder, the highest capacity of any digitiser on the market. The advanced design of the feeder eliminates film jams, double feeds, and film pick-up problems that can occur with other digitisers. The CAD PRO also features an audible warning in the unlikely event that the film feeder requires attention, maximising efficiency.

In addition, the CAD PRO incorporates VIDAR's proprietary High Definition CCD (HD-CCD) technology and Automatic Digitiser Calibration (ADC) feature, to guarantee unmatched image quality in every film digitised, vital for mammography CAD. The system is able to digitise a four-film case in less than 90 seconds, two-to-three times the speed of other digitisers. To ensure compliance with the Mammography Quality Standards Act, a closed-loop quality assurance system also has been added. The CAD PRO's unique modular design allows easy access for scheduled maintenance and serviceable parts replacement.

Along with the VIDAR CAD PRO film digitiser, Mayo Clinic will also utilise the Siemens soft-copy reporting workstation, which incorporates software by MeVis BreastCare, a Siemens affiliate company, and is a workstation developed for and dedicated to digital mammography. During the study, radiology records personnel will digitise a total of 120 studies and each of four Board Certified and MQSA credentialed radiologists will interpret digitised mammography examinations which they had previously interpreted using film. This study is projected to be complete within six months.

This study is designed to prove the quality of soft copy images is equal to or better than original films. Using the VIDAR film digitiser and Siemens reporting station should help investigators conclude that readings from digitised film are as accurate as the original diagnosis by viewing hard copies. This conclusion would further prove that a radiology department could become filmless.

Mayo Clinic is a multi-speciality medical clinic. The staff includes 328 physicians working in more than 40 specialities to provide diagnosis, treatment, and surgery. Patients who need hospitalisation are admitted to nearby St. Luke's Hospital, a 289-bed Mayo facility. Mayo Clinics also are located in Rochester, Minnesota, and Scottsdale, Arizona.

VIDAR Systems Corporation, a privately held technology company headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, is a manufacturer of x-ray film digitisers serving the PACS, remote primary diagnosis, teleradiology, telemedicine, mammography CAD, and oncology markets. VIDAR's digitisers are the choice of more than 100 systems solution providers. More company news is available in the VMW August 2002 article Vidar film digitisers to be integrated into Brit Systems' Scanning Workbench.

Leslie Versweyveld

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