North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System deploys PatientKeeper and Clarinet Systems EthIR LAN

Fremont 07 January 2003Clarinet Systems Inc., a global provider of wireless infrared connectivity for handheld devices, and PatientKeeper Inc., accelerating the transformation of health care through mobile computing solutions, have joined forces to bring point-to-point dedicated infrared connectivity to clinicians at the North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System (North Shore-LIJ).


North Shore-LIJ initially implemented an enterprise wide mobile computing system developed by PatientKeeper to provide clinicians the ability to precisely capture charges at the point of care with PatientKeeper's ChargeKeeper application. In addition to improved productivity and rapid adoption by physicians, the return on investment for North Shore-LIJ was substantial enough to recoup infrastructure costs and expand their mobile strategy.

The next objective for North Shore-LIJ and PatientKeeper was to provide clinicians with a wireless handheld connectivity solution that would eliminate the need for syncing stations. Clarinet Systems EthIR LAN infrared sync stations were selected because they would allow clinicians to use their PDAs independent of the devices hardware, OS, and cradle configurations and, without having to upgrade the existing network infrastructure. Initially, 451 clinicians have "gone infrared" with their handhelds at North Shore-LIJ.

"PatientKeeper's support for infrared connectivity options, such as that provided by Clarinet Systems, further enhances mobile versatility for our customers", commented Stephen Hau, vice president marketing and business development of PatientKeeper. "PatientKeeper's open platform offers customers numerous connectivity options for handheld devices, along with enterprise security, centralised management, and a growing portfolio of applications to choose from", Stephen Hau concluded.

"Clarinet Systems is proud to be part of PatientKeeper's mobile computing solution for North Shore-LIJ. The ability to provide clinicians with wireless infrared connectivity will certainly enhance their patient safety and cost reduction efforts", stated Wen Chang, President of Clarinet Systems Inc., "and we feel it will stimulate a movement throughout the system to broadly adopt infrared connectivity."

The non-profit, secular health care system, the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System provides care for people at all stages of illness throughout Long Island, Queens and Staten Island. The health system includes 18 hospitals, four long-term care facilities, three trauma centres, seven home health agencies and dozens of out-patient centres. North Shore-LIJ facilities house more than 5670 beds, and are staffed by over 7000 physicians, 7000 nurses, and a total workforce of more than 32.000.

Clarinet Systems Inc. is a global provider of wireless infrared connectivity solutions for handheld devices. The company is focused on providing a universal network access solution for mobile devices such as notebooks, handhelds, palm-size PCs and Internet appliances like MP3 music players and electronic books that use infrared. Fortune 1000 companies use Clarinet Systems' products in the health care, education, enterprise, and hospitality markets.

Clarinet Systems' EthIR LAN wireless access systems are designed to connect handheld devices and PCs to the corporate network and Internet via their built-in infrared (IR) port, without additional cards, cables or third-party software. These devices are becoming increasingly popular with an organisation's mobile workforce, as users need instant, on-demand and untethered access to e-mail and the Internet while traveling or away from their office.

PatientKeeper Inc. provides health care professionals with mobile computing solutions that help improve patient care and curb rising costs. The PatientKeeper Platform easily integrates with existing systems and securely delivers patient information to clinicians' mobile devices. PatientKeeper and its partners have created a portfolio of mobile applications that supports a wide spectrum of tasks, including rounding support, clinical results, and charge capture. A large number of health care institutions and vendors have already standardised on the PatientKeeper Platform.

Leslie Versweyveld

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