CareAnyware installs Internet-based home health information system at Natick VNA

Research Triangle Park 07 February 2003CareAnyware LLC and the Natick Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) Inc. have completed the development of CareAnyware's comprehensive clinical and financial application, operating over the Internet. Already, CareAnyware's Internet-accessible product, provided as a monthly service, has been able to demonstrate at the VNA of Natick a dramatic reduction in implementation time and resources as compared to the traditional homecare software implementation models.


CareAnyware's approach to the marketplace combines the importance of a daily service presence with its customers along with an easy-to-learn and technically superior clinical and billing software application. According to Judi Boyko, CEO at the Natick VNA: "In January, we have completed a successful implementation of clinical and billing functionality in record time at the VNA. This included over 60 clinicians using point of care and fifteen individuals at the Agency accessing the CareAnyware product via the Internet."

Irene Carmen, Clinical Director at the Natick VNA, stated: "The responsiveness of the CareAnyware organisation was tremendous. In fact, on the day of the worst storm in 100 years in North Carolina, the CareAnyware team provided uninterrupted service and customer support to the Natick team. We only found out on the national news that evening, the extent of the damage that eliminated power and telephone service to the majority of the population in Central North Carolina. It's a credit to Mark Decker, CTO, and the entire organisation for designing a reliable system and delivering on CareAnyware's service commitment."

Originally, Natick undertook an exhaustive search of the marketplace to identify solutions that were HIPAA compliant, based on contemporary technology, and were backed by a team that was committed to a more traditional concept of customer service. Wendy Cofran of Excelerations Inc., the VNA of Natick's IT Consultant, indicated: "We felt that the existing marketplace of home health software solutions did not offer a bold and innovative technology that would be required of home care agencies over the next ten years. We decided to work with CareAnyware as a development partner to establish the next generation of home care solutions for our organisation and the overall industry."

The VNA of Natick expects over the next several years to:

  1. attract and retain nurses with CareAnyware's easy to use clinical solution;
  2. easily share clinical information with physicians and referral sources;
  3. tightly integrate clinical and financial controls for elimination of rework and improved billing accuracy;
  4. improve organisational productivity, profitability and cash flow;
  5. enhance Natick ability to report on the financial health of the organisation; and
  6. ensure compliance with present and future HIPAA requirements.

Richard Guerin, CEO of CareAnyware, stated: "CareAnyware expects to implement 8-10 customers over the next several quarters. We look forward to working with provider organisations that will establish technology leadership and work with us to provide innovative technology solutions to homecare's many challenges."

CareAnyware LLC is an employee-owned company that develops and manages business-enhancing mobile and Web-based applications for homecare. The highly experienced management team has developed a comprehensive, Web-based solution that will increase efficiency in all aspects of an agency's business. The system will streamline all operations including data entry, payment data, billing and reporting, information exchange, etc.; support the delivery of quality patient care; and improve profitability.

Natick Visiting Nurse Association Inc. has provided home care and community health services to Natick, Massachusetts, and surrounding towns for over a century. An independent, not-for-profit agency, Natick VNA plays a critical role in meeting the health needs of residents throughout the Metro West area of Massachusetts. Now, more than ever, patients are being treated medically and surgically as outpatients, never being admitted to a hospital. Those that are hospitalised are discharged to home as soon as possible.

High-tech homecare is a necessity for many. Other patients rely on home care to help prevent hospitalisation for certain problems. The staff including nurses, rehabilitation therapists, home care aides, social workers, and nutritionists bring the most sophisticated treatments and technologies right to a patient's door. The Natick VNA was one of the first agencies in the Northeast to use electronic patient records to chart a patient's progress. Today, the nurses use CareAnyware's application running on Tablet PCs to chart clinical progress in the most efficient manner possible under today's stringent documentation and patient privacy guidelines.

Leslie Versweyveld

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