New DataCaptor includes "out-of-the-box" support for nearly 200 diverse bedside medical devices

Paris 17 February 2003Capsule Technologie, specialised in medical device connectivity solutions, has made available DataCaptor 4.2, a significantly enhanced version of its advanced software for connecting bedside medical devices with information systems.


DataCaptor 4.2, which is available with a suite of "Add-In" modules, incorporates several new features and functions including the ability to customise the quantity and identification of data, to connect to information systems using sockets, and to troubleshoot data at different points in the DataCaptor system. In addition, DataCaptor 4.2 includes built-in support for nearly 200 diverse bedside medical devices.

"Now more than ever, DataCaptor is the best solution for universal medical device connectivity available", stated Capsule Technologie CEO Nicolas Choussat. "We listened to our customers and responded to market needs, and DataCaptor 4.2 will bring new levels of efficiency and work flow support to our state-of-the-art solution for medical device connectivity."

The DataCaptor "Add-In" modules include DMMServer and DataPortal. DMMServer is a utility that manipulates the data provided by DataCaptor, providing users the ability to choose the quantity and identification of the data they receive. DMMServer supports data sampling, variable and unit mapping, and translation to the industry-standard HL7 format. DataPortal allows sockets connections to clinical systems for organisations running non-Windows systems or who do not wish to integrate the DataCaptor ActiveX control.

Capsule Technologie's flagship software DataCaptor provides an interface between standalone and/or networked medical devices and clinical/hospital information systems. DataCaptor digitally collects, decodes, and distributes all the medical data that is made available at the digital communication port of medical devices from manufacturers around the world. With built-in support for nearly 200 diverse medical devices, DataCaptor includes the largest library of medical device interfaces available. DataCaptor is ISO9001 certified and FDA 510(k) cleared.

More news on DataCaptor is available in the VMW November 2001 article DocuSys uses DataCaptor medical device connectivity engine with drug delivery software.

Leslie Versweyveld

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