AMICAS to provide Web-based PACS technology for teleradiology at South Shore Hospital

Boston 19 February 2003AMICAS Inc., a Web-based Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) company, will provide South Shore Hospital, a 304-bed facility based in South Weymouth, Massachusetts, with Web-based PACS for teleradiology and clinical image distribution. South Shore Hospital radiologists will use AMICAS Web-based PACS to distribute, archive and retrieve approximately 70.000 of the more than 170.000 medical studies it generates within the facility each year.


Using AMICAS' Web-based PACS technology, South Shore Hospital's 17 in-house radiologists will be able to quickly and easily access patients' current and prior studies using South Shore Hospital's intranet and Web server form. In addition, radiologists will be able to securely access and diagnose patient images from outside the hospital through a virtual private network (VPN), significantly improving off-hour coverage by utilising remote on-call specialists and making the process of sending images to referring physicians more efficient from a time and cost perspective.

"In considering PACS options, what made AMICAS attractive was the fact that it is scalable, affordable, and fits into our technology infrastructure and long-term strategic goals", stated South Shore Hospital Vice President of Information Systems and CIO, Del Dixon. "The functionality and usability, in addition to the actual look and feel of the system, were very appealing to the radiologists. We are confident that the project management and system support AMICAS provides to its customers will make this project a success."

South Shore Hospital will initially connect 23 modalities to AMICAS with plans to expand the PACS application to other departments beyond radiology in the future. "South Shore Hospital has a Web-based PACS system that is exactly what they need, when they need it", stated AMICAS CEO Hamid Tabatabaie. "Our installation is well-equipped to grow as South Shore Hospital's PACS needs continue to increase. They can begin with teleradiology and clinical image distribution, and later, when they choose to, they can simply increase the functionality of the software to full end-to-end PACS. The user interface stays the same. AMICAS PACS provides the scalability our customers need, in terms of increasing the number of studies conducted and expansion across multiple departments."

Established in 1995, AMICAS provides Web-based, software-only medical and diagnostic image management solutions, anywhere patient care needs demand. With visionary foresight, AMICAS conceived the agile software architecture of The Vision Series, combining PACS functionality into a centralised, standards- based, and manageable platform.

In a health care environment wrought with scarcity of resources, AMICAS continues to execute upon its attractive core philosophy, crafting scalable, feature-rich solutions to meet the work flow, integration and care needs of all institutions, filling the performance and scalability void left by legacy approaches.

AMICAS promotes truly affordable solutions, leveraging the cost efficiencies of an elegant, technology-forward design that adeptly responds to emerging technologies. Purposely selecting a vendor neutral hardware approach, AMICAS' proven value proposition remains unmatched in the industry, affording clients an average two to three year ROI, half that of traditional solutions.

AMICAS' has a diverse customer base encompassing more than 150 facilities, processing more than 5 million exams per year. AMICAS solutions are implemented at renowned institutions, including Intermountain Health Care, New York-Presbyterian Healthcare System, and Massachusetts General Hospital for enterprise distribution of images; Rush North Shore Medical Center, Michigan State University, Cayuga Medical Center, and Porter Memorial Health System for end-to-end PACS.

Leslie Versweyveld

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