Amicore partners with QRS Diagnostic and launches integrated clinical and practice management software

Andover 10 February 2003Amicore Inc., a practice improvement company, introduced an integrated clinical and practice management software that will enable physicians to focus more time on caring for their patients. Amicore Integrated Management is an easy-to-use solution that combines an efficient delivery model with the ability to access critical patient information anytime, anywhere. Amicore Integrated Management creates new technology to streamline physician practice work flow and connect physicians to hospitals, labs, pharmacies and payers as never before. At the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Annual Conference in San Diego, California, Amicore and QRS Diagnostic have signed a partnership agreement.


Under the agreement, the firms have developed an interface to Amicore Clinical Management, its comprehensive clinical work flow and electronic medical record (EMR) solution. Physicians can now use QRS PC Cards to perform diagnostic tests on the handheld wireless pen tablets and PCs on which they run Amicore's system, and the resulting physiological data is automatically integrated into their EMRs.

Amicore's management team is confident that the software offering will meet with wide physician acceptance and speed adoption of information technology. "We have learned that the keys to physician adoption are ease of use, mobility, rapid return on investment, and secure confidential information", stated Richard Noffsinger, President of Amicore. "This knowledge combined with the expertise and backing of our founders - Pfizer, IBM, and Microsoft - allows us to leverage the latest technology advances and offer our physician customers an easy to implement, "best in class" solution for their practices."

Amicore Integrated Management will simplify the work flow of a medical practice, maximising the physician's ability to maintain a productive, patient-centred, high-performance practice. This new software will utilise Microsoft .NET connected software and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition software, Tablet PC hardware, IBM servers, and wireless technology. The solution will feature Microsoft's upcoming information gathering software, Microsoft XDocs, and will be supported from a central IBM hosting facility for easy connectivity to hospitals, labs, pharmacies and payers, and for rapid software support.

The Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition offers unique pen and digital ink technology that lets physicians handwrite text and annotate chart notes with a digital pen or, if they choose, use its standard keyboard and mouse. The mobile PC also erases the limitations of traditional hosted solutions that require connection to a host server, with a "grab and go" capability for physicians that allows them an unprecedented level of mobility.

Physicians' ease of use will also be enhanced by the ability to retrieve existing patient data by querying a Web service, thereby decreasing the delays and frustrations associated with constantly re-entering data or repeatedly asking patients to provide information.

"Practices will gain improvements in productivity, efficiency and profitability, while improving the quality of patient care and quality of life for physicians and staff", stated Mr. Noffsinger. "From the front office to the exam room to the back office, physicians will be able to unify their practice operations with a single, easy-to-use and seamless solution. This offering has the potential to significantly transform the practice of medicine and to promote better health interactions and outcomes for physicians and patients everywhere."

The Amicore Integrated Management software will be quick to learn and easy to implement. This single database solution is customised to suit the goals of any practice, is expandable to meet future needs and offers a rapid return on investment by unifying data, increasing operational efficiencies, connecting departments, and improving communications. The new offering is targeted for availability in quarter 3 of this year.

"Our partnership with QRS will allow Amicore's physician customers to have automated diagnostic testing easily integrated within their clinical work flow", stated Steve Pacicco, Amicore's acting chief executive officer. "By offering QRS devices for spirometry, pulse oximetry and EKGs to our customers, we add greater value."

"Amicore's customers are already applying advanced technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their practices, so they will readily see the extra benefit of integrating our software-based devices", stated Spencer Lien, chief executive officer, QRS Diagnostic. "Amicore exceeded its 2002 sales goal of over 1000 new providers, and we expect to leverage, and contribute to their success in the market."

"We use Amicore Clinical Management and QRS devices to automate administrative and clinical tasks in our practice today", stated Robert Hughes, M.D., Primary Care Medical Center, a seven-physician group practice in Murray, Kentucky. "With the interface, we will achieve even greater increases in productivity."

Amicore views physician practices as the centre of the health care delivery system. Its mobile, easy-to-learn solutions, consisting of clinical and billing information software and Tablet PC hardware, easily automate the entire practice and connect providers to hospitals, payers, labs and pharmacies. Everything Amicore provides supports the High Performance Practice, where doctors focus on patients, not paperwork. Medical errors are reduced, profits are increased, and chaos and stress and minimised.

Founded in 1994, QRS Diagnostic, Plymouth, Minnesota, uses innovative software technology to design and develop FDA-approved medical devices that simplify and reduce the costs of diagnostic testing and patient monitoring. With its patented computer card technology platform, QRS turns standard desktop, laptop, and handheld PCs into modular, upgradeable medical devices and streamlines the collection and communication of precise physiological data.

QRS enables primary care physicians to cost-effectively practise high-tech medicine while delivering the accuracy that specialists and hospitals demand. The affordability, durability and mobility of QRS devices also advance diagnostic testing and patient monitoring for disease management, home health care, and personal health management. More QRS news is available in the VMW February 2003 article QRS Diagnostic introduces instant data synchronisation to enhance its patient information management software.

Leslie Versweyveld

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