Sectra to supply diagnostic imaging services through partnerships in Sweden, Australia and North America

Linkoping 27 February 2003The Swedish IT and medical technology company Sectra has opened a new office in Sydney, Australia. This move will allow Sectra to give local service to its partners and users in the Australian and New Zealand diagnostic imaging market. Sectra has also signed three partnership agreements. The first one is with InSight Oceania Pty Ltd., an Australian medical distribution company. Insight provides value-added services to a large customer base throughout the diagnostic imaging and medical IT market segments in the Oceania region. Second, Sectra has been selected to provide a fully integrated enterprise imaging solution in partnership with the North American health care solutions company Eclipsys Corporation. On top of this, there is a contract regarding the digitisation of radiology operations at St. Goran Hospital in Stockholm and its three satellite clinics. The purchaser here is Capio Diagnostik, a private medical health care provider.


The agreement with Capio Diagnostik is valid for five years and entails Capio Diagnostik paying Sectra per examination. Currently, the clinics perform 120.000 to 130.000 examinations every year. Capio Diagnostik is the entrepreneur of radiology operations at Sweden's largest private emergency hospital, St. Goran Hospital in Stockholm. The operations will now be digitised and Sectra has been selected as supplier of both the administrative system for patient information (RIS) and the system for processing and archiving of digital images (PACS). The contract also covers an option to include Lundby Hospital in Gothenburg.

"Capio has very high demands on system accessibility, something that is critical to a large emergency hospital", stated Marie Ekstrom, President of Sectra Skandinavien AB. "For Sectra, this is an important order that further strengthens our position as the leading PACS supplier on the Scandinavian market."

"Digitisation of our operations provide us with the possibility to enhance service as well as quality toward our customers", stated Dan Olsson, President of Capio Diagnostik AB. "Through Sectra's well-proven solution, our demands for accessibility and stability are met."

Capio Diagnostik is part of the Capio Group, one of the leading players in the health and medical services market in Europe with operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, and Poland. Capio Diagnostik AB in Sweden has around 700 employees, of which 60 are physicians with specialist skills.

Within its radiology area of operation, Capio carries out examinations using all methods identified with medical radiology. Capio's radiology and mammography divisions in Sweden are located in St. Goran Hospital, Globen City and Solna municipality in Stockholm; at Lundby Hospital in Gothenburg; Lidkoping Hospital and Skovde Hospital. Mammography operations are also carried out at the hospitals of Boras, Alingsas and Kinna in south-west Sweden.

Included in the Eclipsys agreement is development of a new offering, Knowledge-Based Diagnostic Imaging, which provides hospitals with a comprehensive work flow imaging component in conjunction with Eclipsys' SunriseXA advanced clinical information solution. As a fully integrated solution, Knowledge-Based Diagnostic Imaging delivers improved clinical and financial outcomes to health care organisations.

"This partnership agreement significantly widens our representation and presence in North America", stated Dr. Torbjorn Kronander, President of Sectra Imtec. "We believe that this new relationship complements our ongoing and highly successful relationships in radiology. Eclipsys offers a vision and a technology roadmap that is very well aligned with our own: integrating medical imaging into the entire health care enterprise infrastructure. This partnership will give us new opportunities to address the business and clinical challenges facing the health care segment in North America."

"Eclipsys is excited to provide our customers with a new diagnostic imaging solution that will allow them to further streamline the work flow of clinical information, reduce operating costs, and achieve new levels of efficiency", stated Paul L. Ruflin, president and CEO of Eclipsys. "In response to the growing demand for enterprise imaging solutions, we want to provide our customers with the best possible imaging technology available. With our Knowledge-Based Diagnostic Imaging solution, Eclipsys will further solidify its industry leadership position by delivering state-of-the-art technology to the imaging marketplace."

As a component of SunriseXA, Knowledge-Based Diagnostic Imaging seamlessly integrates information among different hospital departments so that clinicians can view real time patient medical records and diagnostic images from anywhere, anytime across the organisation. As a closed-loop diagnostic imaging work flow solution, Knowledge-Based Diagnostic Imaging links radiology and other specialised diagnostic imaging capabilities, such as cardiology, nuclear imaging and endoscopy, to the clinical work flow of the entire organisation.

This strengthens clinicians' ability to optimise patient care. The power of Sunrise XA's Intel and Microsoft technology infrastructure coupled with the flexibility of the Eclipsys' Knowledge Based Diagnostic Imaging provide its customers with a highly differentiated work flow solution.

Sectra has also installed systems at a number of Australian hospitals in collaboration with Philips Medical Systems among others. Sales in Australia will continue to be handled through partners. "Establishing an Australian office is a natural step in our international expansion", stated Georg Sellman, Vice President Operations at Sectra Imtec AB. "The Australian market for IT support in the medical care sector is growing and many hospitals are currently planning to digitise their radiology operations. To cope with the increased demand, we need to have our own personnel on site to handle local contacts with partners and end customers."

Sectra has sales offices in Sweden, the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Denmark, and Norway. Sectra is a major diagnostic imaging provider with more than 300 installations worldwide. The Swedish-based company operates through partners in most of the world, but delivers directly to end-customers in some markets. Sectra's core business is to deliver top-of-the-line high-availability, robust enterprise diagnostic imaging for 24/7 operation. In Sweden and Norway, which are currently the countries with the largest penetration of diagnostic imaging systems in the world, Sectra holds a dominant market leadership with more than 50 percent of all film-free installations.

Through the Insight partnership agreement, InSight becomes a distributor of Sectra's system for processing and archiving of digital images (PACS). InSight, with headquarters in Sidney, will market and install Sectra PACS to health care providers in Australia and New Zealand. The agreement with InSight is part of Sectra's strategy for an increased internationalisation and complements existing partnerships.

"InSight is a successful company in the medical IT business", stated Georg Sellmann. "They are well-established in the Australian market for radiology and have in a short time gained an excellent reputation. Combined with the fact that they have highly qualified personnel corresponding to our high demands on competence, this constitutes a solid base for a prosperous partnership."

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