Wellogic Consult delivers EPRs and medical images for second opinion medical consultations for WorldCare

Cambridge 03 March 2003Wellogic and WorldCare have activated a turnkey telemedicine system that will enable WorldCare clients to receive expert second opinion medical consultations rendered by the WorldCare Consortium which involves the Cleveland Clinic, Duke University Health System, Johns Hopkins Medicine and Partners HealthCare System, including Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital.


Wellogic Consult will enable clinical users in referring locations to assemble a complete electronic patient record and securely transmit the record to a reviewing hospital. Advanced image compression, combined with advanced Web services technology and deep user interface design, makes Consult ideal for the transmission of all components of an electronic patient record, from text and scanned documents to DICOM images and digitised radiology films, over any connection, even dial-up.

Wellogic's commitment to service and client satisfaction, coupled with its deep experience in health care technology, provides a complete service offering for institutions requiring the secure acquisition, transmission and delivery of a complete electronic patient record.

"We looked carefully at the market and found that Wellogic was the clear leader with a complete offering for telemedicine", stated Nasser Menhall, Chief Executive Officer of WorldCare Limited. "With the ever changing health care landscape, from communications standards in medicine to legislation like HIPAA, we needed a company that was ahead of the curve on all counts. Upon conducting due diligence, we found Wellogic to be that company."

"What I was most impressed with in making the selection of Wellogic Consult for WorldCare's e-health activities was the intuitive user interface design", stated Joel Kahn, M.D., Chief Technology Officer and President of the WorldCare Global Health Plan. "As a physician, I know that any hint of intensive training or negative impact on current work flow can be a barrier to adoption. Wellogic's careful attention to the user experience and clinical work flow has taken that concern of the table."

"As a neuro-radiologist committed to the advancement of distance health care, I have found Wellogic's technology and responsiveness to be excellent", stated Hassan Sharif, M.D., WorldCare's Chief Medical and Chief Operating Officer. "Consult will be utilised to transmit cases to and from the WorldCare Consortium and we anticipate an excellent working relationship with Wellogic going forward."

"In addition to working with leading hospitals and health care information technology companies in the United States, Wellogic's international presence, launched in 1997, is burgeoning with new relationships", stated Sumit Nagpal, Wellogic's President and CEO. "Having a global e-health care company such as WorldCare use Consult in its ubiquitous service areas is a win-win for both companies and for those seeking high quality medical care the world over."

Founded in 1992, Wellogic provides advanced health care applications, application platforms and development consulting services to clients and partners that include hospitals and health care information technology providers. The company's flagship product, Wellogic Consult, is a clinical work flow manager for planning and co-ordinating clinical care in outpatient and affiliated practice settings.

It securely connects hospitals and affiliated clinics to deliver results, activate care plans and manage referrals. Wellogic's international scope was established in 1997, when Wellogic Consult was first installed to facilitate international second opinion consultations for hospitals in the Middle East. Wellogic builds Consult, and frequently its custom solutions, upon the Wellogic Platform for Healthcare, a suite of open, standards-based, modular applications that provide a front-to-back foundation for clinical information systems.

WorldCare Limited, a pioneer in global e-health services and solutions, facilitates international access to high quality United States health care through the delivery of highly specialised and personalised electronic second medical opinions and the provision of United States treatment plans for serious illness.

In partnership with the very best medical centres in North America, WorldCare utilises Internet-empowered technologies and FDA approved protocols to transmit medical records and provide referring physicians and their patients with second opinions and insured treatment for specified, serious illnesses. Consultation and treatment are rendered by the WorldCare Consortium. Special programmes sponsored by life and health insurance carriers throughout the world offer WorldCare's second medical opinion services and insurance plans.

Founded in 1994 through a joint effort with Massachusetts General Hospital, WorldCare maintains operations in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, including Chile, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Malaysia, Jordan, South Korea, Slovakia, Lebanon, Venezuela, Mexico, U.A.E., Panama, and Bahrain.

Leslie Versweyveld

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