Saint Luke's Health System deploys HealthCom's integrated on-line account management system

Mount Prospect 17 March 2003Saint Luke's Health System (SLHS) has deployed HealthCom Partners' PatientCompass solution to enable its patients to access updated financial account and insurance information for all hospital and medical group visits from one site. PatientCompass allows SLHS to seamlessly integrate two disparate patient billing systems, HBOC for their hospital and IDX for their medical group, into one on-line platform that provides comprehensive customer self-service and on-line account management capabilities for its patients.


Health systems are increasingly looking to allow their patients one point of contact for all of their hospital and doctor billing information in order to raise patient satisfaction and reduce operational costs. SLHS is the first health system in the country to allow their patients quick and secure access to daily updates of financial account information for all their hospital and medical group visits.

SLHS patients receive e-mail notifications when insurance payments are received and pay all their hospital and medical group bills on-line. In addition, PatientCompass offers many other useful features, including answers to frequently asked questions, tools to organise bills, tips for shopping for insurance and appealing insurance denials, Top 20 Medicare questions, and a billing-term glossary.

"Patients can view all their updated hospital and medical group account information from a single starting point at our health systems Web site instead of receiving multiple hospital and doctor bills in the mail with financial information that is outdated by the time it reaches the patient", stated Kevin Walker, CFO, for Saint Luke's Medical Group. "We are now able to send a simple, consistent message to our patients when it comes to the patient billing experience and support that message, day in and day out with PatientCompass."

"HealthCom's PatientCompass is an integral addition to SLHS e-Health initiatives, all designed to expand our services to our patients", stated Diane Hart, Director of Patient Financial Services for Saint Luke's Health System. Diane Hart anticipates that the increased availability of on-line resources will result in fewer billing-related phone calls to the health system. "It is a tremendous way to add value to our customer service process and dramatically reduce the costs of customer care."

"The challenge providers face is integrating disparate billing platforms of the hospital and medical group into one in order to reduce the complexities of medical billing and make enterprise-wide connectivity a simple matter", stated John Talaga, Principal of HealthCom Partners. "What patients really want is convenient 24/7 access to their update account information for all their bills from a single location."

Since 1995, HealthCom Partners has been a supplier of paper-based and Web-based billing solutions. The Saint Luke's Health System consists of eight hospitals and 14 primary care practices, and provides a range of primary, acute, tertiary, and chronic care services.

Leslie Versweyveld

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