SolidWorks 3D CAD and COSMOSFloWorks software used in Hong Kong Telehealth System for blood monitoring

Concord 26 March 2003Hong Kong's largest school of nursing is using SolidWorks three-dimensional computer-aided design (3D CAD) and COSMOSFloWorks fluid analysis applications to develop equipment for testing blood sugar levels over a Telehealth System that links remote areas with the school's satellite health station.


Students and researchers at the School of Nursing use SolidWorks and COSMOSFloWorks software to design and test a blood glucose meter that sends information from remote sites to the university via telephone lines or the Internet. The meter, which was developed as part of a graduate research project, will be one of the diagnostic tools in the Telehealth System developed by the School of Nursing and its parent institution, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is using more than 400 seats of SolidWorks for instruction in eight different departments.

Designers model the blood meter's enclosure in SolidWorks, then simulate the flow of blood through the enclosure with COSMOSFloWorks. SolidWorks and COSMOSFloWorks enable the School to test and refine several different designs before committing to expensive physical prototyping, keeping costs down and speeding the design process.

"We have explored the use of other modelling software but found it didn't have SolidWorks' and COSMOSFloWorks' precision when we were designing and testing the mechanical parts in the analysis equipment", stated Pony Ma, the School of Nursing's scientific officer. "SolidWorks' 3D animation and dimension control are also superior to anything else we've seen, and we like the fact that SolidWorks is a standard in 3D design technology."

Nursing students participate in clinical tests for the blood testing equipment, and also provide on-site training and education. The School of Nursing offers diploma and degree programmes, master's and doctoral degrees, and conducts product development research for the Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Centre for Telehealth and Telecare. SolidWorks reseller Intelligent CAD/CAM Technology Limited in Hong Kong worked with the School to deploy SolidWorks and COSMOSFloWorks.

Intelligent CAD/CAM Technology Ltd. (ICT) is a general partnership specialising in solving computer-aided design and manufacture (CAD/CAM) problems through careful analysis and development. ICT is firmly established as an innovator in the rapidly expanding high technology field of CAD/CAM and computer-aided engineering (CAE), product data management (PDM), as well as 3D digitising contact and non-contact 3D printing technology. The technology and management capabilities in CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM and computer programming assure industrial customers a trouble free and professional business relationship.

"The School of Nursing is a good example of an organisation that needs advanced design and testing capabilities without a lot of expense and complexity", stated Ved Narayan, director of Asia Pacific operations for SolidWorks. "Our software lets them focus the majority of their energy on expanding their equipment's functionality and a minimal amount of learning how to use the design technology."

SolidWorks Corporation, a Dassault Systèmes S.A. company, develops and markets software for mechanical design, analysis, and product data management. Founded in 1993, SolidWorks' mission is to unleash the power of 3D for everyone in product development and foster a collaborative user community. In seven years of delivering products, SolidWorks has shipped more than 230.000 total seats of software worldwide. SolidWorks has offices around the globe and sells, distributes, and supports its products through a worldwide reseller network.

Leslie Versweyveld

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