Apollo Telemedicine introduces ASAP Imaging with live streaming imaging and reporting capabilities

Falls Church 24 March 2003Celebrating its 10th year in business, Apollo Telemedicine has introduced the latest version of its software, ASAP Imaging, that enables remote access with live streaming imaging from a microscope to PCs on the Internet. High quality images can be incorporated into medical reports, creating savings and efficiencies in health care delivery.


Apollo Streaming Anatomic Pathology Imaging, or ASAP Imaging, the newest version of Apollo Telemedicine's product suite is being demonstrated at the annual meeting of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, held in Washington D.C.

By providing cost-effective, high quality diagnostic imaging via remote access and consolidating images into medical reports, ASAP Imaging allows health care providers to extend their service area without having to travel. ASAP Imaging allows pathologists to collaborate and educate their clients and partners which increases the timeliness and quality of each diagnosis.

Mark Newburger, Apollo CEO, stated: "For 10 years, we have provided our customers with quality service, clinically proven and patented technology, and a good return on their investment. ASAP Imaging, our latest offering, builds on that reputation and record of achievement, and will help our customers better serve their customers."

Apollo is the premier provider of telepathology systems in the United States. Apollo's clinically proven solutions have been used for over 10 years to diagnose tens of thousands of cases, including use in support of counter bio-terrorism. Its patented software solutions enable physicians and health care providers to conduct real time, remote medical diagnoses, saving both time and money. Apollo systems are being used daily in federal, private, and teaching hospitals across the United States and internationally.

Founded in 1993, Apollo Telemedicine Inc., is a privately held company which develops patented telepathology systems and telemedicine solutions. In 2003, Apollo launched ASAP Imaging, a TCP/IP based telediagnostic network, which enables health care professionals to provide diagnostic services via the Internet or intranet when and where these services are needed.

Leslie Versweyveld

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