Entropia's DCGrid selected by one of the world's largest health care companies

London 10 February 2003Entropia Inc., a provider of PC grid computing solutions, has signed an agreement with one of the world's top five health care companies enabling them to purchase DCGrid to increase their high performance computing capacity available for executing applications that aid drug research and discovery. The company's goal in deploying a PC grid is to explore and exploit the untapped potential of their networked PCs as a complement to their other computing platforms.


Entropia's DCGrid, a powerful and cost-effective PC grid computing platform that provides high performance computing capabilities by aggregating the unused processing cycles of networks of existing Windows-based PCs, was deployed at one of this customer's United States pharmaceutical research sites. Additional sites within their global organisation will then be brought on-line over time to meet the company's business needs.

"With an ever-increasing appetite for compute power in this organisation's R&D centres, PC grids will have immediate impact for executing computationally intensive applications and offer an on-demand resource well-suited for their growing needs. One reason DCGrid was chosen is that it is the only PC grid solution designed to work within the enterprise and support the execution of a wide range of commercial and proprietary applications without the need for source code modification. This enables rapid application deployment both initially as well as with subsequent software revisions", stated Bill Philbin, senior vice president of product development and COO at Entropia.

"As organisations continue to feel the pressure to stretch their capital dollars further in today's challenging economic times, the ability to harness the untapped computing power within their PCs becomes critical", continued Bill Philbin. "Entropia's expertise and focus is to unlock the unrealised value trapped within an organisation's PCs and to turn a wasted resource into one that provides on-demand computing power."

Entropia's grid computing solutions harness and manage the untapped processing power of desktop PCs within an enterprise network to process computationally intensive jobs for business and scientific applications. Entropia's solutions benefit enterprises that deploy compute-intensive applications such as those widely used in pharmaceutical, material sciences, chemical and financial services industries. By unleashing the untapped power of existing PCs, Entropia's solutions accelerate innovation and dramatically increase the return on investment for an enterprise's computing and network infrastructure.

Entropia's DCGrid product line, with its easily scalable architecture and open technology platform, delivers computing capabilities that meet or exceed the power of high performance compute clusters at a fraction of the cost. Existing proprietary and commercial applications can be deployed on the DCGrid platform quickly and easily using DCGrid's rapid integration features which allow enterprises to achieve business objectives faster, with higher throughput, increased precision and more meaningful results in less time than previously possible.

Ultimately, DCGrid solutions enable new and more difficult problems to be solved, problems enterprises previously simply didn't have the computing power to attack. Founded in 1997, the company is headquartered in San Diego.

Leslie Versweyveld

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