NEC portable handsets deliver real-time patient data through Emergin's text messaging

Irving 05 March 2003NEC America Inc. (NEC), a provider of innovative communications products, solutions and services, has made interoperable its NEAX Wireless Communications System with Emergin WirelessOffice. Emergin software and the NEC wireless system work together to provide standardisation between NEC Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs) and nurse call systems. As a result, health care professionals enjoy increased accessibility to their patients and each other.


The NEC in-house wireless solution, Wired-for-Wireless, allows mobile employees to carry the full functionality of their desk phone with them via a 3.8 oz portable (PSII) handset. A series of zone transceivers throughout the property allows uninterrupted reception, eliminating the need for noisy overhead paging systems, costly cell phone use or indiscreet walkie-talkie systems.

Emergin WirelessOffice is an open, scalable and device-neutral software platform that delivers text messages to mobile devices. Emergin WirelessOffice is interoperable with nurse call and patient monitoring systems, so nurses can receive real-time alerts directly to their NEC PSII handsets. The software platform provides secure network integration and can interface with existing enterprise applications, extending the life of legacy systems. The Emergin software interfaces with major nurse call systems, including Dukane, Executone, Hill-Rom, Rauland-Borg, West-Com and Zettler.

In addition to two-way integration, the combination of the Emergin WirelessOffice and the NEC's Wired-for-Wireless solution allows staff members to deliver short text messages. Access to short text-messaging services enables health care professionals to exchange critical patient information in the absence of face-to-face interactions.

"Patients benefit from a faster response time by having direct contact with their designated nurse, regardless of the nurses' location on the floor", stated Michael McNeal, Emergin's president and CEO. "The nursing staff will appreciate greater control of how they manage and respond to patient care needs."

"By offering critical information, such as alarm monitoring, Web messaging, application integration and numerous other functions directly to the PSII handset, NEC's integration with Emergin WirelessOffice, truly offers an enterprise solution to the health care sector", stated Mike Rosen, general manager of NEC's Corporate Networks Group. "Health care organisations can be assured that real-time information is delivered to the right person at the right time, anytime, anywhere."

NEC America Inc. serves all communications industries from carriers, to enterprise, to wireless and is an affiliate of NEC Corporation. Emergin is a provider of text messaging software for commercial, government, health care and manufacturing environments. Emergin provides the right strategies, products and solutions to help organisations distribute time sensitive information to employees, anytime, anywhere. Since 1996, Emergin has helped over 5000 organisations deploy mobile and wireless initiatives with off-the-shelf technology.

Leslie Versweyveld

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