Surrey Ambulance Service adopts Paramedix emergency telemedicine system

London 10 April 2003Within seconds of arrival at the scene of an accident or emergency, paramedics of the Surrey Ambulance Service are now able to monitor and transmit a casualty's real time vital signs back to the accident and emergency department of the receiving hospital, where the doctors can assess the situation in advance and make preparations that could save precious minutes on their arrival at the hospital.


Called "Paramedix", and designed by London-based TeleMedic Systems, the unit is specifically for use by the ambulance service. The system transmits vital signs into a handheld unit carried by the ambulance crew from where it is transmitted to the receiving hospital and also to the Surrey Ambulance Service Headquarters in Banstead.

"In emergency situations where rapid response is critical, this system can make a life-saving difference", stated Iain McNeil, Surrey Ambulance Service Medical Director. "Not only can vital signs be transmitted in real time to the accident and emergency department of the receiving hospital, they can also be stored in an electronic patient record."

In addition to patient care, Paramedix will also generate an accurate and timely record suitable for audit and assessing risk management. By eliminating the need for a paper-based system, Paramedix will offer an accurate and timely patient record.

Commenting on the development of Paramedix, Commercial Director, Christopher Turner described how expertise and several years experience with their VitalLink 1200 medical emergency vital signs system had been the catalyst from which TeleMedic Systems had designed and developed a system tailor-made for use by the emergency services.

Designed to be lightweight, compact, robust and easy to use, the medical parameters of Paramedix are non-invasive blood pressure, pulse oximetry, 12 lead ECG, oral temperature, impedance respiration, heart rate and pulse. Powered by an internal battery, when not in use the unit is under continuous charge from the 12 volt dc ambulance power supply. The medical unit consists of a clear touch-screen by which the paramedic can monitor and assess vital signs as well as control the display parameters. Alarms on the medical unit can be pre-programmed or can be set to individual requirements.

TeleMedic Systems was founded in the United Kingdom by a management team with medical and clinical information management, software product development, and Internet business experience. The TeleMedic Systems flagship product, VitalLink 1200 is currently used in rural health care, by the gas and oil exploration industry, commercial shipping, luxury yachts, corporate jets, the military and many expeditions which by their very nature will be going to remote areas of the world.

Leslie Versweyveld

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