European Union accompanying measure provides gateway to genome research in Europe

Brussels 14 April 2003A European Union funded accompanying measure is continuing to play a primordial role in improving communication networks in genomics with the launch of a virtual gateway to genomes in Europe. Funded under the Quality of Life programme of the Fifth Framework Programme (FP5), the "co-ordination of genomes research across Europe" accompanying measure (COGENE) is managed by the Academy of Finland on behalf of the forum of genomes programme managers. The measure has a total budget of over 200.000 euro.


Since its inception, COGENE has helped to develop synergies across Europe in the field of genomics research through a series of workshops and the establishment of a Web service, which not only hosts data on European population cohorts, but also acts as a platform for discussions on topical issues such as biobanks.

The virtual gateway is the latest addition to the service, charting the main national research funding sources and the most important infrastructures for genome research. Information has already been posted for Austria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy and the United Kingdom on the COGENE Web service.

Each country profile contains a short description of the funding agencies as well as links to Web pages for national bodies such as universities, biocentres and industry organisations. The gateway also provides an overview of national research programmes that are specifically related to genome research. It is expected that the gateway will act as a centralised public source of information in the field of genomes research in Europe.

Leslie Versweyveld

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