IDX salutes Montefiore Medical Center for highest verified use of CPOE

Burlington 12 May 2003When KLAS, a research and consulting firm specialising in monitoring and reporting on the performance of health care information technology (IT) vendors, researched the use of computerised physician order entry (CPOE) in the United States' hospitals, Montefiore Medical Center, an academic medical centre in New York City, topped the list. Montefiore demonstrated the highest level of inpatient CPOE among the organisations surveyed, with 100 percent of inpatient orders entered electronically and 2500 physicians participating.


The results of the KLAS survey were presented at the 19th annual Toward an Electronic Patient Record Conference & Exhibition, May 10-14 in San Antonio, Texas. Montefiore is a long-time user and development partner of IDX LastWord and has recently announced that it will be upgrading to the next generation IDX Carecast, which includes a more user-friendly interface and more flexible care documentation processes to further streamline the work flows of clinicians and staff members.

The organisation, which comprises three hospitals as well as 25 primary care clinics, started using CPOE for inpatient orders in 1999, and is now rolling out the technology for ambulatory orders as well. Since implementing CPOE, Montefiore has reduced potential prescribing errors by 70 percent, and has cut by 60 percent the elapsed time from writing a prescription to a patient receiving the medication.

Based on the survey responses, KLAS estimates that slightly more than one third of hospitals using CPOE to any extent are "aggressive" users, that is, entering more than 50 percent of orders on-line. That translates to only 0,8 to 1,3 percent of the nation's hospitals that are aggressively using CPOE, and puts Montefiore at the top of an elite group.

"Montefiore has long been at the cutting edge of implementing information technology, and this survey confirms the value of that effort", stated Larry Krassner, president of the IDX Carecast Division. "Montefiore's achievements with LastWord and soon with Carecast demonstrate what can be accomplished by an organisation committed to health care IT. We are confident the same results will be achieved with Carecast."

Montefiore Medical Center, the University Hospital and Academic Medical Center for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, is an internationally recognised expert in patient care, education, research and community services. Montefiore provides treatment programmes for patients with all major illnesses and has distinguished centres of excellence in heart care, cancer care, children's health, women's health and surgery.

Among the eleven vendors represented in the survey, IDX customers received the highest scores in categories including:

  • Number of physicians and nurses using order entry;
  • Clinicians and pharmacy using the same medication alerting system;
  • No need to re-enter medication orders in the pharmacy;
  • Availability of complex decision support;
  • System response time; and
  • System reliability and uptime.

By entering orders electronically, clinicians reduce the risk that a handwriting will be misinterpreted, a frequent cause for medical errors. In addition, use of systems like Carecast and LastWord, which integrate medication orders and pharmacy systems, can greatly reduce the amount of time from writing the order to administering the medication. Carecast and LastWord provide alerts that flag risk factors such as known drug allergies or potential interactions between different medications, as well as suggesting best practices for recommended courses of treatment.

Ordering, the process by which physicians and other clinicians communicate necessary clinical care actions, including use of medications, is an essential part of caring for each patient in a hospital environment. In order to help promote rapid and accurate communication among physicians, nurses, pharmacists, diagnostic technicians, and scores of other hospital team members, both the Institute of Medicine and the employer consortium The Leapfrog Group have called for health care organisations to replace handwritten orders with CPOE.

Founded in 1969, IDX Systems Corporation provides information technology solutions to maximise value in the delivery of health care, improve the quality of patient service, enhance medical outcomes, and reduce the costs of care. IDX supports these objectives with a broad range of complementary and functionally rich products installed at 3600 customer sites. Customers include 138.000 physicians who utilise practice management systems to improve patient care and other work flow processes.

The IDX Web strategy includes browser technology, e-commerce and Web-based tools, built using Internet architecture that facilitates access for patients, physicians and care providers to vital health information and data managed by the IDX clinical, administrative, financial, and managed care products. EDiX Corporation, an IDX subsidiary, offers medical transcription and clinical documentation services to physicians groups and hospital customers. IDX has approximately 5000 full-time employees.

Carecast is IDX's next generation of electronic clinical information solutions, delivering unsurpassed response time and reliability to support fast-paced clinical environments. The system automates work flow throughout the health care enterprise and enables rapid access to patient records across the care continuum, from admission to discharge, including pharmacy and ambulatory care.

Carecast is a fully integrated clinical, financial and administrative system, combining core clinical processes for orders, results, pharmacy and clinical documentation with administrative and financial processes for scheduling, registration, admitting, charging and billing. The result is a comprehensive lifetime patient record that enhances the quality of care and promotes operational efficiencies. Developed by and for providers in collaboration with hospitals, clinicians and health care executives, Carecast builds on 25 years of innovation with the IDX LastWord enterprise clinical system.

IDX Systems are installed at 80 integrated delivery networks (IDNs) representing more than 700 hospitals; 175 large group practices with more than 200 physicians; and 665 mid-size group practices with less than 200 physicians. More news on Montefiore and IDX's Carecast is available in the VMW May 2003 article Montefiore Medical Center to upgrade to the IDX Carecast enterprise clinical system.

Leslie Versweyveld

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