U.S. Army adds $1,6 million to Microvision development contract providing wearable displays for mobile medics

Bothell 05 May 2003Microvision Inc., an expert in light scanning technologies, has been awarded a $1,6 million addition to an existing development contract from the U.S. Army's Medical Research and Material Command (USAMRMC), Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC). The contract funds the continued development of a mobile, personal display system for medical applications.


The company anticipates delivering its first prototype demonstration units by the end of the year. Microvision was first awarded a $3,3 million contract in December of 2001 and its first contract addition of $1,1 million in August of 2002.

The contract supports the Army's development of a mobile medical system that enables military surgical personnel and medics to access and transmit critical medical data via a head-worn display, wearable computer, and wireless network. Under the contract, Microvision is to design, integrate, and test a head-worn, mobile Augmented Vision System based on its unique scanned beam display technology to meet the Army's medical system specification.

"Microvision expects to deliver a prototype of a unique and powerful wearable display that demonstrates how our products can enhance safety and effectiveness in this critical aspect of military operations", stated Rick Rutkowski, Microvision's CEO. "We look forward to working with TATRC to test prototypes in field situations which we believe will demonstrate the full range of the display's potential to address the future of battlefield medicine."

"We are excited about our expanding role with the Army and appreciate the support we have received from Congress, particularly the Washington delegation and their support of this programme. Their support of this technology will pay real dividends for our men and women in uniform."

Mr. Rutkowski added: "Our expectation has been, and continues to be, that this effort will help pave the way for subsequent additions to the Nomad product line that will feature enhancements in overall ergonomic design, form factor, and performance; enhancements that we believe will benefit a variety of military, medical, aviation and industrial applications."

Microvision Inc. is the developer of a patented retinal scanning display technology and specialised in micro miniature optical scanning technology for display and imaging applications. The company's technology has applications in a broad range of military, medical, industrial, professional and consumer information products. More news on Microvision is available in the VMW September 2002 article U.S. Army awards Microvision addition to wearable display for mobile medics contract.

Leslie Versweyveld

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