VitalWorks' new electronic medical record systems to debut at TEPR 2003

Ridgefield 08 May 2003VitalWorks Inc., a provider of health care information management technology, has unveiled its newest electronic medical records systems, Ingenuity EMR and CHARTstation 6.0, at the TEPR 2003 Annual Conference and Exhibition, held in San Antonio. Ingenuity EMR is VitalWorks' latest addition to its clinical systems product suite, the result of a significant R&D initiative that began in 2001.


Geared towards large physician groups and health care organisations, it combines the company's Ingenuity technology platform with its extensive experience with premium EMR systems. "Ingenuity EMR is simply the most advanced product of its kind", stated Kevin Collins, VitalWorks' vice president and chief technology officer.

"The Ingenuity platform brings the versatility of Java, the simplicity of a browser interface, superior scalability, high speed design, tremendous data security, and the lowest possible cost of ownership. Add to this the flexibility and depth of our existing EMR systems, and the result is a product that will change the way people look at EMR systems. This is a really exciting time for us." The version of Ingenuity EMR demonstrated at the conference is a "pre-release" version of the product; its general release is scheduled toward the end of this year.

"We are very excited about our latest clinical offering, Ingenuity EMR", stated Dr. Stephen N. Kahane, VitalWorks' vice chairman and chief strategy officer. "We are taking the best of what we have done in the past and refining those features and modules so that they will really perform on this state-of-the-art platform. The strong and tangible value proposition of VitalWorks' clinical offerings complements the value of financial, work flow, and contract management capabilities of our practice management offerings."

Dr. Kahane went on to say: "VitalWorks is positioned to deliver powerful integrated information management capabilities for physician practices and to deliver those capabilities in a modular fashion. The modularity will allow practices to select the features and functions that best address their own prioritised set of needs."

"With the rich, browser-based functionality and modularity of Ingenuity EMR, practices will be able to adopt clinical information management tools at their own pace and have it all work in a manner that is integrated with their existing information management capabilities. This integration and adoption flexibility, coupled with the lower total cost of ownership inherent in a well-designed browser-based system, translates into a very strong value proposition for physician practices."

In addition to Ingenuity EMR, VitalWorks will be demonstrating its next generation EMR system for small to medium physician practices: CHARTstation 6.0. CHARTstation 6.0 offers speciality-specific versions which include ophthalmology, optometry, dermatology, internal medicine, primary care, podiatry, orthopaedics, and many others.

TEPR, which stands for "Toward an Electronic Patient Record", is an annual conference on e-health and clinical IT issues. TEPR is conducted by the Medical Records Institute, an organisation created to promote and enhance the journey towards electronic health records, e-health, mobile health, and related applications of information technologies.

VitalWorks Inc. is a provider of information management technology and services targeted to health care practices and organisations throughout the United States. The company provides IT-based solutions for general medical practices and has speciality-specific products and services for practices such as radiology, anaesthesiology, ophthalmology, emergency medicine, plastic surgery, and dermatology.

VitalWorks also offers enterprise-level systems designed for large physician groups and networks. The company's range of software solutions, which include work flow features related to patient encounters, automate the administrative, financial, and clinical information management functions for physicians and other health care providers. VitalWorks provides its clients with ongoing software support, implementation, training, electronic data interchange, or EDI, services for patient billing and claims processing, and a variety of Web-based services.

Leslie Versweyveld

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