CATAAlliance launches coalition to introduce person-enabling technologies teaching youths new skills for self-control

Ottawa 13 May 2003Canada's largest high tech association, CATAAlliance, has signed a new strategic partnership that will combine technology with mental health programmes in order to help at-risk individuals in the community. Collaborating in this partnership with CATAAlliance is S4Potential, a company dedicated to maximising human behavioural potential in individuals and groups through behavioural telehealth, and, Youth Services Bureau (YSB), one of Ontario's largest mental health centres for youth.


The initial collaboration, which has secured partial funding from the National Crime Prevention Centre, will be a "proof of concept" project for crime prevention amongst at-risk youth in the Ottawa area. It will adapt an effective self-control programme for anger and other troubling emotions, already being delivered by S4Potential, for e-delivery to numerous troubled youths seeking help from YSB programmes. This first-of-its-kind e-programme will teach youths new skills for self-control and self-determination, enabling them to face challenges that could otherwise have overwhelmed them.

John Reid, CATAAlliance President, stated: "We are very pleased to be involved in a project that brings technology to bear directly on the well-being of people in the community." The vision of the partners is to employ advanced interactive multimedia tools to teach youth the psychological skills needed to thrive and avoid situations that may lead to inappropriate behaviour, including crime. Mr. Reid elaborated, saying: "This approach will e-deliver state-of-the-art psychological methods to benefit real people, directly impacting their lives." Dan Pare, YSB Executive Director, stated: "We are anxious to explore the role of technology in enhancing the delivery of our programmes."

Peter Egan, President of S4Potential, added: "Ultimately, we will be able to integrate this programme and its underlying technologies with other initiatives, to address all forms of personal obstacles and human distress, particularly in the workplace including stress, anxiety, depression, and workplace conflict."

The coalition is seeking allies to participate in this groundbreaking project. Affiliates are sought in the areas of financial sponsorship, technical participation in the development of instructional design, and implementation of the programme in community and workplace settings. CATAAlliance is a business development association dedicated to stimulating global growth for technology enterprises through the promotion of strategic partnerships, technological innovation and entrepreneurial values.

S4Potential is a Canadian company dedicated to maximising human behavioural potential in individuals, groups and work environments, through application of behavioural telehealth and blended e-training approaches. Incorporated in 1960, YSB is a large, non-profit social services agency employing a staff of roughly 300, which works with approximately 5000 high-risk youth and families each year. The mandate of YSB is to provide counselling and support services to high-need, low-income youth aged 12 years and older, and their families, in Ottawa. The YSB Research Unit is a Canadian expert in innovative studies on high-risk youth.

Leslie Versweyveld

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