PDSHeart remote monitoring provider calls for new telemedicine standards for quality and service

Washington 16 May 2003PDSHeart's looping multi-event monitor now transmits at 4x speed, significantly reducing the time that staff and patients are required to spend on the phone. The company provides the highest quality, physician-prescribed remote and ambulatory care monitoring of non-symptomatic, symptomatic and post-surgical cardiac patients, via landline, cellular telephone and the Internet. PDSHeart's WebHolter is the industry's first Web-based ECG.


Sean Heyniger, president and CEO of PDSHeart, made the announcement at the North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology (NAPSE) meeting in Washington. Mr. Heyniger also noted that physicians should be wary of telemedicine services that do not meet minimal service or quality standards. PDSHeart, the nation's only telemedicine provider to be accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organisations (JCAHO), stated that the industry needs standards if it is to succeed.

"With the explosive growth that telemedicine is experiencing, changing the way many aspects of health care are delivered, it is crucial that we as providers are held accountable, with independent measures of quality, staffing and performance", Mr. Heyniger stated. "To ignore this important issue will mean the industry will suffer as it matures."

"While we continue to provide the newest in technological advances, physicians should take their own advice and seek a second opinion to assure themselves that the laboratory quality, staff certifications and operations levels meet high quality standards", added Mr. Heyniger, who co-founded PDSHeart with COO Greig McCully.

PDSHeart constantly seeks new opportunities to provide efficiencies for the physician's office. "With all of the pressures that physicians are dealing with, we are always looking for greater convenience and efficiencies to drive costs out of the system", Mr. Heyniger continued. Recently JCAHO established accreditation standards for telemedicine organisations, examining its operations, procedures, facilities, staff and equipment.

PDSHeart is specialised in providing physician-prescribed 24x7 remote and ambulatory cardiac monitoring of non-symptomatic, symptomatic and post-surgical patients via landline or cellular telephone, and even the Internet. Customers for its services include 4000 clinics, 12.000 doctors, 110 hospitals and 30 universities nationwide.

The company's pager-sized cardiac event monitors, its flagship product, are typically prescribed for 30 days. They enable a patient to record a cardiac event when there is the potential of a heart problem, such as palpitations or dizziness. Patients then transmit the data via telephone, now at 4x speed, to PDSHeart's 24/7-hour monitoring centre staffed by certified cardiac technicians. The data is immediately converted to a traditional ECG format displayed on a computer screen and a report is faxed and/or Web published on a secure site for use by the patient's physician within minutes.

PDSHeart also provides WebHolter, the first Web-based generation of traditional Holter monitors, which record heart activity over a 24-hour period. Other services include pacemaker testing, and the company intends to remain at the forefront of diagnostic telemedicine. Founded in 2000, the company is the second largest provider of cardiac event monitoring services in the United States.

Leslie Versweyveld

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