Linux Cluster system speeds development of disease diagnostics products

Salt Lake City 21 May 2003diaDexus, a developer of diagnostic and therapeutic products, is using a Linux Networx Evolocity II (E2) cluster computing system to expedite the development of diagnostic products for cancer and cardiovascular disease. The E2 system has helped speed the rate of gene analysis for the development of future diagnostic products from weeks to hours, or by more than 20 percent compared to the large, multi-processing RISC-based machine diaDexus used previously.


Diagnostics help detect the presence of certain diseases so proper medical treatment can begin in the early stages of the disease. The Linux Networx system analyses DNA and protein sequences to locate specific disease targets. The targets are then used to develop diagnostic products for diseases that are typically difficult to detect at an early stage, such as ovarian cancer.

Using applications such as BLAST, BLAT and HMMER, the Linux Networx system allows diaDexus to evaluate public and private databases of gene data much faster than was ever possible before, allowing diaDexus to stay current with any new gene and genomic information.

"Obtaining up-to-date information is critical to our discovery and development. The Linux Networx cluster helps us reduce the information processing time from weeks to hours, saving diaDexus significant costs and speeding up our R&D timelines", stated Timothy Burcham, Ph.D., senior director of bioinformatics for diaDexus. "We knew we could trust Linux Networx to build a fast, reliable cluster solution because of their experience in the life sciences and demonstrated Linux cluster expertise."

Linux clustering is a method of linking multiple computers together to form a unified and more powerful system. diaDexus' E2 system includes 32 Intel Xeon processors, and Clusterworx and ICE Box cluster management tools from Linux Networx. Linux Networx has built some of the world's fastest supercomputers, and currently has a system that ranks as the world's fastest Linux computer and also ranks the fifth fastest supercomputer ever built.

Linux Networx brings its powerful and easy-to-manage cluster technology to those demanding high performance computing and high availability systems. Linux Networx provides solutions for organisations involved in biotechnology research, oil and gas exploration, aeronautical and chemical modelling, graphics rendering and visual effects, and other technological research fields.

Through its innovative Evolocity hardware, ICE cluster management tools and professional service and support, Linux Networx provides end-to-end clustering solutions. To date, the company has built some of the fastest cluster systems in the world, and boasts numerous Fortune 500 customers. In 2002, Linux Networx designed and delivered the world's fastest Linux supercomputer.

Leslie Versweyveld

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