Andromed signs an agreement with Premier Purchasing Partners to promote the Androscope i-stethos

Montréal 13 May 2003Andromed Inc., a high-tech medical company, and Premier Purchasing Partners L.P., a U.S. health care purchasing group, have signed an agreement to promote the Androscope i-stethos, an advanced electronic stethoscope designed and manufactured by Andromed, to Premier's network of 1600 hospitals and health care systems in the United States.


Under the terms of the two-year agreement, Premier will promote the Androscope i-stethos to its nationwide facilities and affiliates. The most recent introduction of Androscope's electronic stethoscope enhances physicians' ability to diagnose heart and lung pathologies. Androscope i-stethos optimises auscultation and efficiency by providing real-time analysis on demand.

"Premier has a strong reputation for identifying innovative technologies that provide advancement in clinical care while producing efficiencies to health care professionals. Quality products at affordable prices are essential to our network", stated Lee Edmonson, Director Clinical/Biomedical Equipment Contracting, Premier Inc. "We clearly identified with the Androscope i-stethos, a high-tech product designed to promote cost-efficiencies through improved diagnosis. We are pleased to partner with Andromed and to evaluate its emerging technologies on the horizon."

The clarity of sounds provided by the sophisticated Androscope i-stethos filtering enables health care professionals to diagnose more accurately. The advanced electronic stethoscope allows more than one medical student to simultaneously hear patients' body sounds while the exam is being performed with the i-stethos Teaching Module. The Androscope i-stethos is equipped with a link port to capture sounds and transfer signals to a PC or a PDA for archiving and analysis. Therefore, physicians can monitor a patient's condition and progress over time.

"The Androscope i-stethos is the first in the pipeline of scheduled product releases into the United States market for non-invasive patient diagnosis and monitoring of cardiac and pulmonary diseases", stated Rodney J. Williams, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, at Andromed. "The agreement with Premier, through its Technology Assessment Group further validates the ingenuity of Andromed's innovative and cost-effective products. This agreement demonstrates our products' potential impact on the efficiency of patient care, and allows our distributors wide access to an extensive network of products' end-users."

The Androscope i-stethos is also designed to link up with Androsonix, the non-invasive and single-use biological sound sensor and core technological platform developed by Andromed. The Androsonix prevents cross contamination in hospitals, filters noise, provides a wider sound spectrum, and reduces the need to move immobilised patients. The Androsonix lies at the very heart of Andromed's upcoming suite of non-invasive diagnostic and continuous monitoring products

Premier Inc. is a strategic alliance in U.S. health care, entirely owned by more than 200 of the nation's leading hospital and health care systems. These systems operate or are affiliated with more than 1500 hospital facilities and hundreds of other care sites. Premier provides an array of resources supporting health services delivery, including group purchasing for more than $17 billion annually in supplies and equipment. Other resources offered by Premier are insurance programmes and performance improvement services of many kinds. Premier is headquartered in San Diego, California, with other major facilities in Chicago, Illinois, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Advocacy and policy offices are located in Washington, DC.

Creator of the world's first fully electronic stethoscope, Andromed Inc. has become an international expert in the design, manufacture, and marketing of innovative and commercially high-potential medical technologies. In addition, Andromed is an established specialist in the patient satisfaction monitoring systems industry for health care institutions worldwide. Andromed is now positioning itself to become a key multi-parametric equipment supplier and service provider for the non-invasive diagnostics and telehealth markets. The company will accelerate growth through the acquisition of compatible technologies and companies. More news on Andromed is available in the VMW November 2002 article Andromed to receive FDA approval for its third generation electronic stethoscope.

Leslie Versweyveld

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