State of Arizona selects Mercator to ensure timely HIPAA compliance

Wilton 06 May 2003The state of Arizona's Health Care Cost Containment System Administration (AHCCCSA) has selected Mercator Inside Healthcare as the integration architecture to meet the October deadline for full Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA) compliance. AHCCCSA worked in conjunction with the Arizona Medicaid Programme and Med-QUEST, the Hawaii Medicaid Programme, for which AHCCCSA handles all core business transaction processing, to make their selection.


Mercator Inside Healthcare was the overwhelming choice, due to its high performance, high volume HIPAA and NCPDP claims transaction processing, many-to-many transformation capability, and easy integration with their current technical infrastructure.

"With the federal HIPAA requirements just ahead of us", stated Jim Wang, AHCCCSA assistant director for information services, "Mercator was chosen because of their proven capability to meet the HIPAA transaction processing requirements, cost effectiveness, and their potential for rapid implementation."

Selected by more than 100 health care organisations as their HIPAA compliance solution, the Mercator Inside Healthcare Integration Package enables application integration among health care payers, providers, pharmacies and intermediaries using a wide variety of industry standards. By combining out-of-the-box health care standards support with a rich integration broker platform, Mercator Inside Healthcare Integration Package goes beyond tactical compliance to position customers for future eHealth initiatives.

"The Mercator Inside Advantage enables health care customers like the State of Arizona to achieve faster deployment of proven solutions to meet HIPAA compliance", stated Mark Register, president of field operations at Mercator. "Arizona's requirements are a natural fit for the out-of-the-box, standards compliant capabilities that Mercator provides. We look forward to helping the State to meet its deadlines."

Mercator Software Inc. delivers large global organisations the Advantage Inside Integration, providing Industry-Ready Integration Solutions that solve critical business problems in real time, while leveraging current technology investments and maximising return on investment (ROI).

Mercator Inside Integrator 6.7 integration suite features a Solutions-Oriented Architecture, which easily and seamlessly automates high-volume, complex transactions. Over 1100 global businesses leverage the power, speed and flexibility of Mercator's proven integration technology and industry expertise to build better business value and faster ROI. More news on Mercator can be found in the VMW October 2002 article Mercator's Healthcare Integration Package helps health care organisations meet impending HIPAA deadline.

Leslie Versweyveld

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